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Sandra, Help calm my fears about Chuck! I was not a huge fan of the premiere but am a huge fan of the show. I want Chuck to have the Intersect back!! — Lola
Executive producer Chris Fedak was coy this week when answering questions about Chuck possibly getting the Intersect back, but I can tell you that tonight’s episode 2 is an improvement — in no small part thanks to Carrie-Anne Moss. But it’s episode 3 that will really make you feel better about the season. Let’s just say the team learns something about Morgan’s intersect that changes Chuck, Sarah, and Casey’s reaction to some less-than-charming behavior you’ll be seeing from Morgan. Also, look for a BIG Jeff twist in episode 3 that will re-define Jeffster possibly for the rest of time… (More Chuck scoop here.)

Blue Bloods has been awesome this season! Why no love, Sandra? — Cristina
Let’s fix that: I’ve been excited about this Friday’s episode ever since I first heard rumblings about it, and I can tell you it doesn’t disappoint. In case you haven’t heard, the episode centers around building racial tensions in the city after Jaime and Sgt. Renzulli are assaulted in a predominantly black church. Frank finds himself having to decide how to proceed with the investigation as the black community calls for his resignation. It’s one of Tom Selleck’s best performances on the show! And the final minutes will plant a big plot seed that I would guess we’re going to hear more about soon.

I still have a smile after this week’s hostage episode of Castle. Such a great episode! What can you tell me about some of the upcoming ones? Thanks! — Cheryl 
Come back on Monday. I’ll have wedding episode scoop for you.

Up All Night? — Viv
Yes, I was. Oh, wait… Let’s see, next week, Reagan and Chris will leave Amy in Ava’s care so they can take their first night off (read: they need sex) since the baby was born. Ava spends that time being wooed by guest star Jason Lee, who plays Reagan and Chris’ charming super-dad neighbor. Meanwhile, Reagan and Chris will go “dancing” — and we learn their song!

Southland! I’ll take any scoop you have on this amazing show. – MJ
 The show is currently casting a new female P2 tentatively (last) named Anawalt, who will appear in the second episode of the new season, which kicks off in January. I always love new female blood on this show, but there’s no telling how long she’ll be around, considering the episode finds all the officers being given McDonald’s job applications.

It is said that Glee is looking for someone to play to doctor. Any chance that someone is sick or a girl pregnant? — Grace
The patient is Beth, but it’s nothing life-threatening.

Hello Sandra, Quick question about American Horror Story. Is there any possibility Zachary Quinto and his boyfriend will become recurring stars? They were absolutely fantastic in the Halloween episodes. – Me
Do not let me start gushing about this pair! I’ll never, ever stop. I would not mind seeing them a lot more, and, thankfully, you and I won’t have to wait long. Zach and Teddy Sears return in episode 8, which is called “Rubber Man” and is all about the titular figure. You will even learn his identity.

Theory: Constance has an incestuous relationship with Tate. NOT joking! Please tell me I’m not the only one getting that creepy vibe, especially considering how Constance seems to hate Violet so much. — Alice
Eeeewwww. Ehem, I mean, I can’t say for sure, but I can tell you a lot of answers about the pair will be answered in the next two episodes.

Something, anything about epic couple #Chair on #GG! We are dying w/o them onscreen! Please, tell me I still have hope. — @ladynetdoma
I would say there’s always hope, but Ed Westwick, who EW caught up with at the premiere of J. Edgar last night, might (shockingly) disagree. “I don’t even know what I hope for them personally,” he says. “So much change and drama has been thrown around these days. In some ways, they are perfect for each other and it seems like destiny. But in other ways, I don’t know if they can overcome all the terrible things they have done.” But don’t get too down. While he couldn’t tease much, he says, “These storylines are very much keeping me on my toes. It is so crazy. Things change every week … There is a lot of fun, fantastic stuff upcoming, I can say that.”


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Okay, Sandra.  After tonight’s crazy game-changing fun, it has become absolutely necessary that you provide some scoop on one Mr. Nolan Ross.  He’s had me intrigued from the beginning. I love his character and the two different sides we tend to see from him. And you can’t deny us something when we’ve got to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS for a new episode of Revenge! – LG
Devastating, right?! These are going to be two LOOONNG weeks. Anyhoo, I don’t have much, but according to Connor Paolo (who I chatted with this week), the next episodes will definitely dig into exactly why Nolan and Emily don’t seem happy to see each other at the party seen in the pilot. “As the season progresses more and more, they’ll continually go back to the Labor Day party and catalogue who’s there, what are they doing, what are their relationships. Clearly, Emily and Nolan are frosty to each other, so [you’ll see] what happened between them.”

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