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I’d love scoopage on Bones or I could go for some How I Met Your Mother action. (You actually got me hooked on it…be proud) — Madison from Texas
For those wondering if Robin could be redeemed after last week’s heartbreaking episode, she might accomplish that this week. (And it’s absolutely killing me that I can’t tell you how!!) Let’s just say you do not want to miss the last four or so minutes, which find Robin (self-) barricaded inside a room with a plate of cheese having a chat with the Barnicle. I mean, in all honesty, you’ll enjoy the whole episode. (Barney and Ted introduce us to “bro-parenting”…and once again seriously make me consider naming my baby Hurricane.) But again: The. Last. Scene.

So when are Alex and Sean going to hook up on Nikita? I am loving these two! — Aja
I’m with you there, Aja! So I took this question to the one guy who could give us some insight — Dillon Casey. “I think Sean sees a bit of himself in Alex. They bond over the fact that they’re both a little bit of an island within Division, and they’re looking for somewhere to put their allegiance and they’ve put it in family,” he says. “I think they are both sizing each other up and they both don’t necessarily trust each other, but they have feelings they’re trying to ignore. Sean, not so much. He’s trying to seduce her to use her. But I think it leaves Alex in a [strange] position.” But does he think they’ll ultimately get together? “I think Alex wants to be seduced, but maybe it’s not the No. 1 thing on her list, which is weird because every girl I meet wants to be seduced by me,” he jokes.

Thanks for showing some love for Suburgatory. Would love something on their Thanksgiving episode next week! — Hope
Family drama! One family will welcome a new member. Someone has a secret romance. Someone gets a drastic(ish) makeover. And someone ends up buck naked in the back seat of a car. Who said the ‘burbs were boring?!

You seem very Chair biased with your Gossip Girl spoilers and opinions. Do you think you can manage anything for Dair fans? — Alice
I’m glad you brought this up, Alice. I will try better to keep things even. And on that note, this weekend I’m going to a party to celebrate Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode. So stay tuned to my Twitter for updates from the party (when I’m able) and send me your many, many questions (Dair, Chair and otherwise). I will try my best to get you as many answers as possible!


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Is Sophia ever gonna be found on The Walking Dead? — @beetlejuice851
“Is Sophia alive?” “Is Rick still making radio calls in the morning?” “When will Rick find out Lori is preggo?” “When will Shane find out Lori is pregnant?” “Can someone survive if they fall into Hershel’s zombie pit?” The answer to one of these questions is in this week’s episode. And the answers to two of the others are in the midseason finale. Enjoy the game!

Hi Sandra. First off, happy anniversary to you and the Spoiler Room column. (Spoilerversary?) You’ve been nice enough to answer more than a few of my queries since the column started and I appreciate that. Thank you. Now, my question: The winter premieres for The Lying Game & Switched At Birth are about six weeks away. Any spoilers yet? — Bruce
I’ll take The Lying Game for $300, mostly because a spy of mine spotted the show filming some juicy stuff this past week at Texas State University in San Marcos, Tex. I’m told the episode will find Emma (still as Sutton, obviously) being courted by universities, and in this case, a tennis recruiter named Randy (played by Friday Night Lights‘ Drew Waters). While dad (Andy Buckley) is stoked about the development, Emma is less so — but obviously not enough to stop her from making a campus visit. (And you’re welcome! ☺)

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