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Would love scoop on Good Wife‘s Will and Alicia! I read in the comments that some crazy people like her better with Peter. They’re crazy. It’s all about Will and Alicia. There’s a gold star in it for you if you bring me back something good. — Carrie
Will I get half a gold star for scoop on one of the two? Because if you’ll remember, last week Jackie had some super intense scenes in which she was snooping through Alicia’s bedroom and computer, and if you think that’s going to go unaddressed this week, you’re wrong! Look for Alicia to have her finest confrontation with Jackie yet — and for her to make a couple of bold moves that will certainly make her mother-in-law keep her distance.

The Closer comes back soon. Tease please! (Hey, I rhymed!) — Tim
When the show returns, you’ll get a good idea of how things have changed in the department after this big case has been brought against them. And at the end of the episode you’ll also see more of the unbearable lawyer (Curtis Armstrong) at the center of it all. He’ll reappear thinking he has intel on Capt. Raydor, but just remember, she always has the edge. (While screening the ep, I literally yelled at the TV, “Take that, you little booger!” and I didn’t even mean to pun!)

True Blood already took Henry away from Grey’s! Tell me they’re not also going to take Denis O’Hare away from American Horror Story! — Liz
While it’s true that Scott Foley has moved from the land of scrubs and studs to the modesty-sock capital of America, O’Hare seems less sure he’ll have to make the same either/or choice. While on a conference call with reporters yesterday, he said, “I don’t know anything about the future…but luckily for me they shoot on opposite schedules. True Blood starts up this Monday and will go until July, and Horror Story is winding down the first week of December and won’t be shooting again until next July. So it fits as two halves to a lovely year.”

How great is Ryan Hurst on Sons of Anarchy!? Please give me something on poor Opie. He’s about to snap, am I right? — James
More right than even you realize. But don’t get me wrong, there is much quiet, somber action going on in the next episode, including an especially touching scene in a crematorium, where Opie says goodbye to his dad…with Jax by his side. Oh, then there’s crazy, too. Lots and lots of crazy.

I hated how Santana picked on poor Rory this week on Glee. I mean, I don’t think anyone deserves to get outed, but please tell me Rory gets a comeback. — Jen
Could the answer to Rory’s popularity troubles be a new LOVE? Could be. When we talked to Damian McGinty over the weekend, the Glee Project winner was certainly open to the idea. “I hope [Rory] gets a love interest,” he told us. “There’s no denying all the girls on Glee are absolutely gorgeous. There’s so much more to talk about with Rory than just having a girlfriend. There’s a whole list of storylines for him, and maybe having a girlfriend is a little bit down that list. Who knows? It’s a little bit weird because all the girls are two years older than him, but it doesn’t bother me.” I’m sure it doesn’t bother them either, Damian.

Anything new to report on New Girl? And this is a random question, but I’m curious: How long is she going to be ‘the new girl.’ If the show goes on for 10 seasons or something, will they ever change the name? — Ted
“We definitely might go into their family stories,” explains executive producer Liz Meriwether. “I feel like there is so much comedy in who Jess’ parents are and who Schmidt’s parents are and who Nick’s [are]. We’re definitely going to do that. We don’t have anything lined up right now, but it’s sort of constantly discussing it in the writer’s room, so I’m hoping that will happen soon. I’m really interested in Schmidt’s bunny costumes and his mother’s experiences. Schmidt’s bunny costumes and his mother’s experiences.”

You’re slacking on your It’s Always Sunny scoop. — Dan
Well you’re slacking on your asking. Ever think about that, Dan!? Huh?! Um, while I take some calming breaths and put down this cup of caffeine, chew on this: If I were to give next week’s episode a new title, I’d call in: “Sweet Dee Gets Hit By a Water Wall of Sh–” or “Dennis Sex on Tape.” It’s really as great as it sounds.

(Lanford Beard, Erin Strecker, Benjamin Wood contributed to this report.)


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