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I’d LOVE some 90210 scoop. Ideally something about Liam, who I loved in this week’s Thanksgiving episode. — Kelsey
This week’s episode was pretty good — and if you’re a Liam fan, there’s plenty of fodder ahead, namely a life-and-death situation! When we caught up with Matt Lanter last week at the Breaking Dawn premiere, he dished that the upcoming hiatus will leave Liam’s future in the balance. “Our Christmas break cliffhanger is a huge life or death situation with Liam. We’re not really sure what happens to him or if he returns, how he returns,” he said. Well, actually, it might be safe to put your money on “returns” since Lanter also teased the upcoming introduction of The Vampire Diaries alum Arielle Kebbel’s mysterious new character. “She’s this girl who we’re not really sure who she is yet and it’ll take several episodes to figure out. She may be Liam’s next love interest,” he says. “It’s going to be fun. It’s kind of a mystery.”

90210 scoop please! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen any! — CC
Next week’s episode, “Project Runaway,” is hilarious. Well, I don’t know that for sure, but I’m taking Lanter’s word on this one for one reason; say it with me: Blue Steel. “I just did ADR on an episode we have coming up where Liam does his best Blue Steel — well, a more comedic version of a Blue Steel. He is in a runway show [and] there’s some backstabbing that happens at the show. Liam wants to stand up for his friends, so in doing that, he does an over-the-top Blue Steel and kind of ruins the show.”

Can we PLEASE talk about last week’s Big Bang Theory!? It was hilarious and sweet at the same time. Any scoop on my fave TV couple Sheldon and Amy? J — Anne
Mayim Bialik was just as pleased about the developments with Sheldon and Amy as you and I, and even shared that Jim Parsons helped convince her it was the way to go! “I was even surprised where they went. And Jim Parsons was like, ‘Honey we gotta move this thing somewhere.’ I will take Jim’s lead on this one,” she says. “I think they will still dip in and out of relationship territory. That’s the rhythm of the show and Chuck Lorre has shown that he knows how to do that with Leonard and Penny. He knows how to sustain these characters through all the various permutations of their relationships.” In sum, don’t expect a Howard-Bernadette trajectory from this pair. “I don’t think we will do that with Sheldon and Amy. They are not normal enough,” she says.

Sons of Anarchy! PLEASE! I find myself dipping into the wine after each episode just to calm my nerves.
Well, as of now, I know the finale will deal with Jax wanting to finalize the gun deal between the Irish and the cartel. But I also have it on good word that two very important episodes are en route to me as we speak! So send me your questions ASAP.

Hi, do you have any Nate and Sophie info from the winter episodes of Leverage? (Some of us like the Nate and Sophie relationship yet all you write about is Parker and Hardison. They do nothing for me) — Maya
If you love Nate and Sophie (who doesn’t!?), you’re absolutely going to love the Dec. 4 episode, which finds the gang doing a job at a greeting-card company under the watchful eye of a documentary filmmaker (Peter Stormare) and his film crew. While this Office spoof is a total hoot, my favorite parts were the very revealing confessionals. Nate and Sophie’s in particular are quite hilarious because they get a chance to express their gripes about one another under the guise of their fake personas. But let’s be clear, there’s nothing phony about Sophie’s feeling that Nate undermines her. (She’s even been keeping track of how often he does it!)

I want an awesome American Horror Story tease. Read, set, GO! — Andy
You already know that tonight you’ll learn the identity of the Rubber Man. But what you may not know is that you’ll actually see two people donning the suit tonight.

Your chat with Evan Peters was great, but I’m dying to know more about what’s next for Violet and Tate. What’s this secret he’s keeping!? — Jen
Ack. I honestly can’t say a thing about the secret. But if I may counter with another tease, this week, Tate and Violet are going to take a drastic step in their quest to be together. In my chat with Peters, he hinted at this upcoming twist, saying, “We have to be together. So we have to somehow do what we’ve got to do.”

Homeland and Southland are my two favorite shows at the moment. Well acted and well written. Scoop on either would be appreciated! Thanks, Sandra! — Eva
Eenie, meenie, miney… Homeland. I have to agree with you on all accounts, Eva. But if you thought the acting has been superb so far, just wait until you see this week, in which Damian Lewis turns a great performance during an episode that finds Brody re-living part of his captivity. When I spoke to Lewis not too long ago, he coyly mentioned that Brody would soon experience “an increased focus in the act that he may or may not perpetrate.” This week, his tease proves true. And the reason behind Brody’s renewed sense of duty completely destroyed me. Have the tissues ready.


Hi Sandra. I’m loving Bones and Booth as a couple, but are we going to see flashbacks? When they first got together? When everyone found out they were having a baby together? Booth being naked and cooking an omelet?  — Megh
Um, I second your desire for an omelet flashback. Too bad for us, there isn’t one in next week’s episode — but what you will see are some really adorable peeks at Booth’s childhood (which is a flashback of sorts, right)? And there’s more naked-around-the-house talk — but this time it’s Brennan! (Do these people ever wear clothes at home? Is this just something attractive people do? Discuss. Or not… Let’s not.)

I know that the abbreviated Bones season means that we’ll focus on the main characters more, but I’m dying to know if we’re going to see Parker this season. I would love to know his reaction/how he deals with getting a little sister… or have we forgotten that Booth already has a kid? He’s adorable, but even we don’t see him, will this get addressed? Thanks! — Ruth
He’ll be back — but later. This week, however, he does come up in a truly touching conversation between Booth and Pops. In fact, the episode is full of really amazing scenes between them both, as discussion of fatherhood takes center stage after Booth receives some news about his own dad. You’ll be in tears by the end of the episode — as will Booth.

Sandra, I miss the Secret Circle dearly. Some scoop would make this a truly Happy Thanksgiving! — Kelly
As if Charles’s life is wasn’t already about to get more complicated — with the impending arrival of his mother — now his high school-ex his headed to town as well! The show is currently casting the role of Lauren, described as a “haunted” woman with a “dark strength” that lurks beneath her timid surface. And casting scoop indicates she’s not too friendly with Mrs. Meade.

(Carrie Bell, Benjamin Wood, and Erin Strecker contributed to this column.)


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