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Hey Sandra. NCIS seems to set up things for some bigger Tiva movement. The lack of emotional scenes, the “we need some time”-moment early this season, Tony’s bucket list and Tony’s dad telling his son he should come to his senses and pick Ziva. Am I delusional or are they up to something? — Svenja
Well, these are interesting clues you’ve pieced together, but a return from a very important character might throw a wrench in this plan you predict. The Jan. 10 episode will see a return from none other than Agent Ray Cruz (Enrique Murciano), who, according to executive producer Gary Glasberg, “returns to sweep Ziva David off her feet.” “There are always plenty of sparks between Cote and Enrique, but this time we’re taking things to a whole other level,” he teases. One other blast from the past we’ll be seeing? The infamous ring box!

I need me some GREAT Castle scoop! — Shane
You can’t ask for much more good news than this, if you ask me. But if you want to try, make sure you e-mail me your questions for executive producer Andrew Marlowe, who I’ll be chatting with soon!

Can you give me some Criminal Minds spoilers? Do you happen to know  how many episodes Bellamy Young will guest-star? Will it be just in episode 10 or are there more? Thanks! — Sofia
Thomas Gibson wouldn’t spill the specifics when we chatted. But it sounds like she’s in it for the long run, literally. Her character and Hotch are training for a marathon together — and that’s all. For now. The best part? The ribbing Hotch gets from Rossi about the new lady in his life. “There’s a great scene where Rossi is egging him on. He says to him at one point, ‘When you’re on the bike ride with her, make sure you wear a helmet.’ [Laughs] It’s a nice little double entendre.”

Any chance you have any scoop for Will and Emma from Glee? — Michael
Er, my bag of tricks reveals a shortage of Wemma for you. Can I offer a consolation prize with some good news on another character? We hear word that newbie Gleek, Damian McGlinty has been offered an extended stay on the show! He reports: “I found out this week that I am getting more than seven; I am getting kept on,” he says. “That’s nice. That’s what I was working towards. It’s an early Christmas gift. For how much longer, who knows? I am trying to learn to just enjoy things as they come.” And what IS to come? A possible new flame! “There’s a line in the Christmas episode that possibly hints at it for Valentine’s Day,” he tells us. “All the girls on Glee are gorgeous. I’d be a lucky guy with any of them, I’m telling ya.”

Are there any disaster episode spoilers on Desperate Housewives? – seiyausako
There is no impending disaster I’m aware of — unless you count Bree’s life, which will really see some tough (coughandsluttycough) times when the ladies return in January. Luckily, when Kyle MacLachlin returns as Orson, there might be brighter days in her future. Only hitch? He might have to kick someone’s ass before that happens.


Any Vampire Diaries scoop pleeeassseee? — Sophie
While Paul Wesley has made no secret of his love for playing Evil Stefan over Good Stefan and while there’s always a possibility he might revert to the latter sometime this season, there’s one character the actor says will likely never show his sweeter side. “I don’t think Klaus is in any danger of ever becoming a good guy,” he tells EW. He will either stick around as a villain for quite a while or he’ll be sent out with a big bang. I don’t think we’ll ever convert Klaus into like one of the guys in Mystic Falls who works at the Mystic Grill flipping burgers. That would be a big mistake. He needs to be that big dark entity.” Additionally, Wesley teases that Klaus is “definitely still a huge part of the second half of the season,” and that he and Stefan will “continue to walk that fine line between friendship and foe.” “There’s things we need from him and there’s things he needs from us. It’s that sort of back-and-forth for the rest of the season,” he says.

Sandra, I’m soooo excited for the return of White Collar. Scoop, please? – Anna
Considering the cliff-hanger we left off on, count me among the excited! I mean, we can all pretty much assume Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) is going to be found alive and well. But Neil and Peter’s relationship won’t emerge from her kidnapping quite as unscathed, according to Matt Bomer, who we ran into at the Trevor Live! benefit last weekend. In fact, he teases, things get physical! “Oh, we’re definitely on the outs,” he says. “When we come back in January, it’s really the most fraught with tension their relationship has ever been. It even gets physical at one point. But in typical Neal and Peter fashion, they find a way to work together and sort of make amends, only to have the tension re-created, I assure you. That’s the natural cycle of their relationship, it seems.”

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