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Will next season have another Big Bad, or will Debra finding out about Dexter change the show in a fundamental way in terms of the format?
One advantage we have is we most likely have two seasons and then we’re out, so we can start working toward the end game. We haven’t even begun to consider who the bad guys are, but we are open to changing formats. We don’t feel like we need to stick to something just because we did it in previous seasons, though at the same time we don’t feel like we can’t do something just because we have done something similar before.

What are the storytelling goals for the next couple seasons? 
Dexter is always a show that’s less about plot twists and much more about characters. Our allegiance is always most strongly to the character of Dexter Morgan. What’s the most satisfying, honest place to take Dexter over the next two years.

The creepy computer guy. I’m assuming he mailed the hand because he’s infatuated with serial killers and Dexter, or is there something more I should be reading into that?
Well, he had no idea Dexter is a serial killer — at least, not to our knowledge. I think he’s just got this weird love-to-hate thing for Dexter and has latched onto him and is seeking his approval. But to send the hand like that, we have no idea what kind of message he’s sending. At this point, it’s just to arouse our suspicion about who is this guy and what are his intentions.

In the finale on top of the skyscraper, are we to assume Dexter had a dummy needle prepared, so that’s why he wasn’t unconscious after injecting himself?
It was not a dummy needle. We didn’t answer that question, but we had an answer for it. It was just a little awkward to slip it into the footage. We showed him emptying the needle seconds beforehand, but it didn’t look right [in post-production]. We tried to address it in voiceover, it just became awkward and cumbersome.

There were no Harry scenes in the finale. What’s the right amount, how much is too much, in terms of having those in the show?
It’s a fine line. We feel like we need him. I’m a huge fan of James Remar, though it’s a character you have to be very judicious with as it’s a fine line. Sometimes it’s too easy to cut to Harry and have Dexter explain what he’s thinking or feeling when there are sometimes more artful ways of doing that.

Anything that’s been wondered about on the comment boards this season that you’d like to address?
I find it kind of interesting that people are uneasy about Deb’s love toward her brother. That on a show about serial killers, it’s the idea of love that makes people more uncomfortable. We did some research on that among adopted siblings: It does exist and it does happen, and it does create a very awkward situation.

You want to watch that final scene again, don’t you? Here it is…

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