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Justified scoop please! So excited for the premiere!! – Meredith H.
As you should be, Meredith. (Watch a preview here) Season 3 picks up right where we left season 2, but it doesn’t stay there for long. A small time jump will help explain what’s been happening since Mags (Martindale) killed herself, show us how Raylan (Olyphant) is recovering from being shot, and finds Boyd (Goggins) taking a page from the Emily Van Camp notebook of retribution to seek some revenge. (I won’t say for what or against whom.) Some small bonus info? You’ll get some nice shirtless action from Raylan as he bares his manly wound. (I know; I’m a pig. I acknowledge that.)

Hi, Sandra. So, Justified’s coming back Jan. 17, any imminent scoopage? FX has started airing teasers, but we need the scoop! Thanks. — Susola
If you’ve been tuning into teasers then you know this year will see the introduction of a mysterious new villain named Limehouse, played by Mykelti Williamson. I can’t tell you much about him, but let’s just say that the second episode will give you a very chilling example of how brutal this guy is and will leave you wanting more. (If you, like me, are a sick, sick person.)

Justified is almost here. Three cheers! And I’ll cheer more for some scoop on Raylan and Winona? — Liz
With a baby on the way, the couple will start having serious conversations about a big step in their lives together. Oh, and talk baby names, which is actually a great, funny scene that perfectly highlights the chemistry between these two actors.

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Just a few days remain until we’re served up a new episode of Once Upon a Time (Jan. 8!), but Richard Schiff is already excited about the show’s eleventh episode, in which he’ll appear as Snow White’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) father, Enchanted Forest’s King Leopold. (“I don’t think I’ve ever played a king before, except in my own bedroom,” he jokes.)

Shortly before the holidays, the West Wing alum (TOBY!) chatted with me about the upcoming revealing and “intricate” story line that flashes back to his days with the Queen and his daughter, Snow White. “He certainly seems to be a happy guy at first glances,” says Schiff, who will soon also appear in Showtime’s House of Lies. “They wrote him as a happy-go-lucky guy. [He doesn’t] desire anything. But at one point he says, ‘I have a prosperous kingdom, a beautiful daughter, and a lovely Queen,’ and I decided to make the Queen line not as excited as the other two items on that list. In other words, he’s unhappy and I don’t think people are ignorant [to that] … So there’s a little bit of darkness underneath him.”

And while anyone who watched the show’s fall finale can guess how the King’s story ends, Schiff, who shares scenes with Lana Parrilla, Goodwin, and magic mirror Giancarlo Esposito, says his Once costars aren’t so sure they’ve seen the last of the King. “The actors all seem to think I’m coming back, but that’s a discussion I’ve have not had with anyone else. But they all say, ‘You have to come back because you explain this and that’ and ‘You’re the reason that… ‘ But, really, they’re all guessing along with [viewers].”

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