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Any news on how Glee plans to explain Darren Criss’ absence while he’s away dancing it up on Broadway? Are we going to have to sit through a Blaine-free episode at some point soon? — Samantha
There will be one Blaine-less episode that will air in early February. Small price to pay, right?

Are we going to see more humor or tension between the guys after the Elizabeth story closes on White Collar? Will Neil be back to tormenting Burke any time soon, or will he be too busy re-proving himself after his mistakes? – Tricia
A twist in episode 1 will clear the air in a big way between these two. As a result of the heavy emotions and issues addressed, the midseason premiere (airing Jan. 17) is a little light on big laughs. But I think things will be back to normal between these two quite soon. The question we’re left with by the end of the episode: How long can normal last as one of the pair face a possible major life change?

Please, can we get some scoop on The Secret Circle! — Alexis
Are you a Cassie and Adam fan? Or more of the Jake-Cassie variety? Regardless, you’ll have a little action on both fronts — particularly because she nearly kills both of them in two separate occurrences. But be warned: One of the near-deaths is not as it seems.

All the Parks and Recreation scoop you have, please. — Chelsea
In an upcoming episode, Ann (Rashida Jones) will become one half of the most unlikely pairings you’ve ever seen on the show. Before you ask, the other half is not Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz). (But, wow, that’d be amazing.) Think shorter.

Sandra, I’m so excited for The Lying Game to return! Any scoop on Charisma Carpenter’s addition to the show? — Elizabeth
I actually had a chance to speak with the Buffy alum about her new gig as Rebecca Sewell. And while I’ll share the full chat with you soon, I can tell you this for now: Char’s mom Phyllis will not be happy to see her. In fact, she spirals, leading Rebecca and Alec (Adrian Pasdar) to step in. Speaking of Alec, you’re going to love the juicy backstory on his love triangle of sorts with Rebecca and Ted (Andy Buckley). Looks like the teens aren’t the only ones with major drama hanging over their heads.

Sandra, you’re my source for great HIMYM scoop! So let’s hear something great before we go into the New Year! — Jenna
Well, when you put it that way… Keep your eyes and ears peeled for another classic How I Met Your Mother tie-in website to be mentioned in the next new episode on Jan. 2, then run to a computer to check it out. I don’t have specifics, but my guess would be it has something to do with the opening of Ted and Barney’s bar, Puzzles.


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I’d love some Marshall and Lily scoop! I’d make my new year! — Hannah
Impending parenthood will soon start to weigh on the young couple. “We’re going to see her work out a few demons on her way to becoming a mom and see them as a couple working things out,” teases EP Carter Bays. “It’s no surprise where this story is headed — with a trip to the hospital — but, maybe along the way, we’re going to see them going through some stuff before they step up to the plate and become ready to be mom and dad.”

What’s gonna happen with Naley and Brulian in the season 9 premiere of OTH? — @b0997
Where to begin!? Since I can tell you everything, here’s what I can say. Haley is having a tough time dealing with Nathan’s absence (he’s traveling a lot) and finds herself easily spooked when he’s not around. And by the end of the episode, an additional complication arises that will no doubt put further strain on their situation. Meanwhile, Brooke and Julian are having a heck of a time dealing with two new babies. Namely, sleepless nights are getting the best of them. Still, Brooke is not so busy that she doesn’t have time to plan her next professional step.

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