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Any Southland scoop for me? I can’t wait for it to come back. It’s been waaaayyyyyy too long! — James
It has! Luckily, Shawn Hatosy was kind enough to chat with me a little bit about the new dynamic of the show now that Ben and Sammy have started riding together this upcoming season. “I get a sense of what the dynamic between Ben and Sammy is and it’s this kind of run-and-gun-and-have-fun mentality. It’s nice because it’s just different, it’s a different Southland so far,” he says. “I gotta be honest, it almost feels like, for Sammy, it’s a different show now that I’m in uniform and driving fast in the cars. I was running before but now we’re really running and running together. It’s action-packed.” The latter is especially true. In fact, the first episode back will find the pair involved in a truly shocking shootout in a most unlikely place.

I’m sure you get tired of people asking why different shows don’t get recapped, so I won’t ask why EW dumped the Desperate Housewives recap. Instead, I’ll ask for some scoop, with a note that EW should totally be recapping Desperate Housewives in its last season. See what I did there? — Katie
Very clever. Well, the next new episode (airing Jan. 8) will find someone unlikely coming to Bree’s side in her time of need, Lynette and Tom reaching a surprising conclusion about their bond, and not one but two characters headed out of town by the end of the episode.

Fringe, PLEASE! — Nina
Nothing for you… yet. But I’m chatting with masterminds Joel Pinkner and Joel Wyman next week, so send me all your questions ASAP! (spoilerroom@ew.com)

Much as I love me some Justified, I’d rather have some Archer scoop. Sploosh. — @ secretsvsrumors
The Jan. 19 episode, featuring a guest-voice spot from Burt Reynolds, is one of my favorite episodes ever. After Reynolds (who plays himself) sets his sights on Archer’s mom, Archer reconsiders his mancrush on the legend and instead looks to sabotage their impending romance. My Top 2 moments? A moment where we get to hear Archer’s voicemail message (which will now become my voicemail message) and Burt Reynolds tickling Archer. Yes, I said tickling.

How long do we have to wait for the results of your amazing interview with @VDOOZER (EP Bill Lawrence) and Courteney Cox? If I missed it, whoopsie! — @mollyarena
You didn’t miss it. Stay tuned. But meanwhile, here’s a tease: A skull fracture will leave one character sporting some seriously stupid headgear in the first batch of episodes, whenever those air (sob). Poor Travis. Oops.


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Any word on if A Gifted Man going to have a second season? I hope they give it a chance. — Scott
I sort of do, too, especially after watching the next new episode, which finds Michael on the operating table after he falls ill during a blizzard. It’s not surprising I liked this episode — I’m a sucker for doctor-turned-patient story lines — but this episode was particularly strong because of how it highlighted the under-appreciated supporting cast, particularly Dr. Barnes (Rhys Coiro), who has a hilarious scene with Michael when he tries to examine him against his will. My only problem with the show remains its tendency to make Michael (Patrick Wilson) a superhero rather than a man. (In this episode, he has surgery without anesthesia. Possible, I guess. But probable? Not likely.) But the chances for a second season? A look at Lynette Rice’s list of most and least watched shows of the fall indicate it isn’t looking good.

Sandra, I need to know more about Thomas McDonell as Tessa’s love interest on Suburgatory! Or any scoop on the show for that matter! — Lillian
You know the basics on McDonell’s storyline, so I won’t say much more on that. But in the general scoop category, get ready to know the men of Suburgatory on a whole new level. The next new episode will feature a pretty physical fight between George (Jeremy Sisto) and Noah (Alan Tudyk) that takes place in a steam room… with at least one of the two sporting a tight-fitting, flesh-colored pair of undergarments. The scene almost calls for a Cam-in-bike-shorts-style blur.

Royal Pains is coming back! But I’m a little torn. I like Evan and Paige, but secretly also root for Evan and Divya. They’re both pretty adorable. Are we going to see any action between either pairing in the second half of the season? — Jane
When we come back, Divya (Reshma Shetty) is pretty preoccupied dealing with the fallout from her major medical mistake at the end of last season. Obviously, she’s facing major consequences. (And the first episode back leaves us on a bit of a cliffhanger on this front.) Meanwhile, Evan (Paulo Costanzo) also has his hands full as he seeks out the General’s approval. When that turns out to be harder to achieve than he realized, Paige makes a very bold decision.

(Mandi Bierly contributed to this column.)

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