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Last night’s Jake-light episode is no indication of how much of the recently promoted Chris Zylka we’ll be seeing in the next few episodes of The Secret Circle. In fact, the actor says fans of the witch hunter can look forward to episode 12, which, he says, “is a big, big, big emotional episode” that will focus mostly on the emotional fallout of Jake being revealed as a witch hunter.

“The cast really, really, really shows up and hits it out of the park,” he says. “The overall feeling from everyone after we wrapped that episode was kind of joyful.” But that’s not to say the episode is all sunshine and rainbows. (Do either of those ever happen in Chance Harbor?) “It’s terrifying and scary, and a big emotional scene,” he says. “There are going to be a few answers to some questions that the circle has had in the past nine episodes answered, finally. Or so we think.”

And while next week’s episode will mostly feature Jake “lurking,” says Zykla, we’ll learn it’s just strategy. “One thing about Jake is that he never needs the validation of whether or not he’s a good person. He just wants to prove it to himself. So he’s looking over everyone as much as he can until he knows it’s the right time to make a move. That will be in [episode] 12.”


Because I can never have enough, any scoop on Bonnie? #TVD — Jenna
First, can we take a beat to recognize the epic-ness of last night’s episode? (Miss it? Read the recap here.) Second, you know that coffin dream that proved to be more accurate than initially thought? There are more of those to come. “I love that they brought in that aspect of her, because a lot of the stuff that Bonnie experiences in terms of being a witch is very external and all about doing a spell and a lot of physicality,” says Kat Graham. “I’m all about the mind, so the fact that they basically are shooting the character in kind of a parallel universe [in those dreams] is super exciting to me and definitely one of my favorite things that they’ve done this season with her.” This isn’t the first time Bonnie has had premonitions. In season 1, a vision predicted when Coach Tanner died, but since then, we haven’t had any more indicators of her future-telling abilities. “Now it seems like they’re evolving it into more actual dreams or visions in her sleep,” Graham adds. And per EP Julie Plec, “Her dreams are all leading her somewhere.” For more TVD scoop, read what Plec had to say about last night’s midseason return and next week’s episode (naked Damon!).

Anything on #WhiteCollar, please!! I miss that amazingly great show…! — @ love_mcdreamy
I promise you it will be worth the wait, especially after you get a chance to see the third new episode of this half of the season, which takes Neal undercover at a ritzy prep school as a poetry teacher. Sounds right up his ally? More than you know! In fact, there are so many scenes to love in this episode, I’d call it one of my top 10 episodes ever. From Neal teaching a room of teens how to love the words of wise poets to his asking Peter to drop him off “for school” a few blocks away, it’s the perfect blend of comedy and clever.

Did #Tiva just take a huge step forward on @NCIS [this week]? #loveit! — @cpusavant
That’s what is sure looked like to me. And you bet it’s going to be among the questions I ask EP Gary Glasberg, who I’m chatting with today. Speaking of which, questions, anyone? (You have two hours to send your inquiries to spoilerroom@ew.com! Ready, set, go!)


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Hi Sandra! One blogger/recapper to another, how’s about we show the new kid on the block some love! I’ve got major heart-eyes for Person of Interest this season, any scoop on upcoming episodes for the spring? — Mel
Well, with a batch of new episodes starting Jan. 12, there’s a lot to look forward to! But I’m hearing Feb. 2 will mark the return of someone we haven’t seen in a bit: Zoe, played by Paige Turco! As you’ll recall we first met, her in episode 6, “The Fix,” where we got to see her hit it off with Reese (Jim Caviezel) in a way we hadn’t seen him interact with anyone before. So what brings her back to town in Feb. 2’s “Root Cause”?  Well, Reese and Finch’s find they need her help after their latest POI, a down-on-his-luck man, begins to reach a breaking point.

First One Tree Hill spoiler of the year? Please? It’s the last one and I’m already missing it :( — Nathalia
First of the year? Tsk, tsk. Someone didn’t read last week’s column closely! But here’s the second OTH bit of the year, courtesy of James Lafferty, who dished to me about the long-awaited return of Lucas! “Lucas comes back in response to some things that hare happening in Tree Hill that definitely involved Nathan. I can’t say whether or not they’re going to be directly involved with each other in scenes or having dialogue together, but his return is in response to some things that happen involving Nathan.”

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