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As Chuck wraps up its run (everyone, grab your jar of tears) Mr. Bartowski is about to face his biggest foe to date — his wife! In the first hour of the series finale, “Chuck Versus Sarah,” Sarah must keep a secret from Chuck in order to accomplish a mission. And while one can assume the episode finds the spy at odds with his lovely wife, there’s definitely more to the story. Yvonne Strahovki elaborated when I chatted with her a few days ago.

“It sort of goes on from what I mentioned before about something being taken away from them, and it causes a lot of trouble,” she says. “It’s going to keep people wondering till the very end how this is going to finish up and what’s going to happen with them.”

The episode, she adds, is one of the bravest of the series. “I remember reading the script thinking ‘My god! Wow, this is quite a bold choice that the writers have made,’ which is why I say people are going to be wondering how this is going to finish up,” she says. “It’s a little scary or disconcerting in a way, but that’s what makes it interesting.”


I am dying over these Vampire Diaries photos right now and don’t know what to think, especially Caroline and Klaus. I need scoop immediately anything on #TVD. — @Gval21
You should be dying — of excitement. Because as hinted in last night’s episode — and teased to Spoiler Room by Julie Plec — it sounds like it’s on. “I have a feeling that Klaus ultimately is equally capable of indulging in love and sabotaging love, just like Damon is. But there is certainly going to be an object of his interest very soon,” she told us Wednesday night.

Hi Sandra! I’ve been reading a lot online recently about a new character coming to The Vampire Diaries, Samantha Gilbert, and that she’s supposedly a new love interest for Damon?? As a hardcore Delena shipper, please SAY IT ISN’T SO!!! — Sophie
It isn’t so. “She’s not for Damon,” EP Julie Plec assures. “We’ll meet her in the past, not the present. She’s somebody that we meet in not present-day Mystic Falls.” All better, Soph?

Anything about TVD‘s Stefan/Katherine? Thanks! — Rose
Though she’s currently on the down low, I’d expect to see Katherine very soon. “She’s gone underground, and so it will be a surprise when we see Katherine again. As Katherine tends to do, she’ll pop up sometime and throw everyone for a loop,” says Plec.

Hi Sandra! I absolutely love reading your column every week!! My other love is Shameless, and I was super psyched to watch the season premiere [Sunday] night, but tell me: Will we have to wait until the end of the season before Steve is back in my life, er…I mean, the Gallaghers’ life? — Kayla
A spirit-crushing situation will bring Steve back into Fiona’s life (and OUR lives) in some form very soon. Like, some time in the next three episodes…. Oh, fine. Just because I’m one of your loves — it happens at the tail end of episode 3 or 4.


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Hey! Will we be seeing more about Abby being adopted this season of NCIS? Thanks! :) — Kim
Could-be. While no specifics are available, EP Gary Glasberg assured me when we chatted that there is definitely an Abby-centric story in the works. “We’re working on some story ideas right now,” he says. “We’re trying to figure out how to patch in Abby and her family again, so we’re working on that.” The luxury of having an audience that has stuck around so long, he adds, is that many stories can be left to develop organically, without feeling rushed. “I’ve worked on a lot of television shows now, and one of the extraordinary elements of this program is that you can step away from a storyline for quite a while and then, literally, because fans are so attached to these characters and what’s going on with them, keep things alive by using a recap at the beginning of an episode or just by throwing in a line of dialogue here or there throughout the season. Viewers are very accepting of that. That’s not true of all television shows.”

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