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How about some Revenge scoop? Will we see Emily and Jack connect again soon? I know, I know, they can’t live happily ever after (yet) but will we see more of them together soon? At least enough to keep my hopes up for those two? — Jennifer K.
According to Josh Bowman, no. But, my guess is that he’s a little biased (read: very biased — and adorably sarcastic). “Jack is a little creepy, but that’s Jack — a bit of a creeper,” he jokes. “I am about to propose to Emily, but what happens after that is [a secret].”

Nolan scoop, please! I can’t get enough of Gabriel Mann! — Jayme
Love is in the air — and Gabriel Mann knows nothing about it (except that it’s “100 percent” happening.) “I know there is someone coming into his future. They won’t tell me anything, though,” he says. “I said, ‘Will you guys at least tell me? Is it one of our established characters?’ And [EP Mike Kelley] was like ‘Gabe, it’s you. You know I’m not telling you anything.'”

Looks whose ex is coming to town! TV and film actor Matthew Marsden is set to play the ex-husband to Walden’s current squeeze, Zoey, in an upcoming episode. Though currently slated for one episode, the hottie Brit is said to possibly recur in the role.

Any How I Met Your Mother scoop is appreciated. That’s right, I’m not picky. Just anything to get me through their repeat week. — Amy
It sounds like they really needed a week of repeats production-wise. “We haven’t shot that many more than we’ve aired right now. We’re very behind,” Alyson Hannigan (Lily) admitted to EW this week at TCA. But the wait will be well worth it. As you saw (and as I teased a bit last week), Marshall and Lily’s parental drama will continue in the weeks to come and her father (Chris Elliot), who just recently came back into her life, will find himself hurting their situation more than helping. “I would imagine [Marshall and Lily] might have different parenting styles,” Hannigan says. “It’s going to be a whole new dynamic and they’ll have to figure it out. They’re [Lily’s dad and Marshall] both on the same page because her dad is more like a child than a dad.” Meanwhile, Hannigan assures that the birth of her baby, which we’ll likely see in May, will be as dramatic as promised. “We’ve had a flash forward so it doesn’t go smoothly from what we’ve shot,” she teases.

Hi! I know everyone probably is asking you for Castle-Beckett spoilers, but I want some Ryan and Esposito scoop. What do you have for me about my favorite Bromance? — Jen Jones

There are no specific plans as of yet, according to EP Andrew Marlowe. “That stuff is living toward the back half of the season. But it’s something we have our eye on.”

I’m hearing amazing things about the Castle noir episode. DISH! — Tonya
The episode, airing in February, will find Castle and Beckett coming across the journal of an investigator from the 1940s, and as Stana Katic told the press at the People’s Choice Awards, “Castle dreams it into reality where all of our characters dig up kind of film noir stereotypes — Castle become the P.I. I become a gangsta’s mom. [Ryan and Espocito] are thugs… Everybody looks absolutely phenomenal in that episode.” But you might not recognize everyone. I hear Castle’s mom (Susan Sullivan) actually goes blonde for the occasion! More importantly, though, the episode supposedly has a pretty epic moment. (You didn’t think it was gonna just be fancy costumes and sets, right?) “I think the best version of the Castle-Beckett story happens in that episode,” Katic teased.

I’d love something on Snow and Charming from Once Upon a Time. They are easily my favorite TV couple. Talk about a twist on the will-they-won’t-they formula. So GOOD! — Suzanna
I agree on all counts! Especially after I heard what Ginnifer Goodwin had to say about the “dark” revelations coming our way. “There are some big surprises. I mean, there are surprises that have led me to throw scripts at walls,” she says. “We’re going to learn a lot more about Snow and the things that we learn are not pretty. There is a dark side. We jump back in time so much; in the past you will learn about her wretched history. Yes, there are some wretched parts of her history. There will be some pretty MASSIVE obstacles put between Snow White and Prince Charming.”

Hi, Sandra! With 10 days left before Justified Season 3 premieres, we’ve heard very little. Can you please dig deep for some awesome scoopage, especially about Ava and Winona? Thanks. — Susola

This is what I have to say on Justified…for now. We’ll revisit it next week, after you watch the premiere!

(Additional reporting by Lynette Rice, James Hibberd, Carrie Borzillo, Shaunna Murphy, and Nicholas White.)


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