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I’ll keep this shortand sweet. I’d lovesome Parks and Recscoop. –Stewart
IfIdowillyouuseyourspacebar? I tease. Adam Scott tells Spoiler Room that the small squabbles will continue to plague one of my favorite TV couples throughout the campaign, which will last until the end of the season. “The campaign tests their relationship in a variety of ways. They’ve come up with a really great way of letting the relationship grow in ways you don’t see on half-hour comedies that often,” he says.

So, I liked Alcatraz enough to stick around a little while longer. I’m really hoping they do something with the Doc-Rebecca friendship. She seems kind of cold as a character, but I really liked their scenes together. Any idea where they’re taking that? I just don’t feel anything for this group yet. — Eddy
It will take a bit of time for the odd duo to come together, according to star Sarah Jones, who I caught up with during a set visit. “I like that Rebecca is not quick to trust people,” she says. “There are very few people in her life who she can trust and I like that the writers aren’t so quick to make Rebecca and Doc best friends. But there’s a relationship that’s built. Sometimes they have a moment together and sometimes she pushes him away. It allows them to get to know each other and learn how to trust each other.”

Are we going to see any more Lost alums on Alcatraz? — Steph
That’s sort of the million dollar question. But EP Jack Bender is definitely open to the idea. “I’m very protective of our family on Lost and I want them to continue to thrive…but you worry that with certain characters who were so iconic that you get screwed by the Seinfeld of it all,” he says. “If any of our other Losties want to show up down the road, great.”

I’m so glad Carter is getting into the action more on Person of Interest. Any hints as to what’s coming up for her? — Shelby
Well, I’ll tell you what might be coming up for someone. When EW talked with EP Jonathan Nolan, he said the last four or five episodes of the season would each “flow like a season finale” and hold nothing back. In fact, he warned, “none of these characters are safe. You always have to be willing to [kill off characters]. Nothing is given.” Gulp.

Am I the only one who sort of enjoyed The Finder? Yes? Oh, well. Scoop me now! — Leslie
Michael Clarke Duncan is ready to kick some butt! “I would want more shooting involved,” he says. “I know Hart [Hanson] is going to have a heart attack because he says, ‘We’re not 24!’ But let me have a gun! Just let me shoot somebody in the kneecap!” Too bad that’s not likely to happen any time soon for nice guy Leo. He’s more of a lover than a fighter. In fact, we’ll get to see him share some steamy scenes with Eureka‘s Salli Richardson when she guests as old flame of Leo’s later this season. (Check out more from our chat here.)

Hey Sandra. You seem pretty tight with the folks at Supernatural. Is this the show’s last season? I can’t say I’ve loved this season and while I’d be sad to see the show go, it’s definitely not what it was. I’m wondering if that’s because they’re getting ready to pack it up. — Ciara
There’s no news of a pickup, yet, and EP Sera Gamble says, “we’re planning for the worst and hoping for the best.” My guess? The show has at least a season left in it. In other news, I hear Bryan Cuprill (Nick from the short-lived Accidentally on Purpose) is set to guest on an upcoming episode as a man stuck in a job as assistant to a nightmare of a boss. He first appears in episode 16.


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I’m torn.  I really want some juicy BONES spoilers, but I’m afraid to ask.  I don’t want to be teased not knowing when my favorite show will be back on the air.  How about you just skip the spoilers (for now) and just tell us when this current hiatus will be over so we can begin counting down the days?  Of course, I would gladly take some elaboration on Mr. Hanson’s tweet regarding Booth, Sweets & underwear(?). – Susan
Wait, so you don’t want to be teased? Or you do? Or…gah! Susan, why are you complicating our relationship so? How about a soft tease from star David Boreanaz, who chatted with Spoiler Room about the baby fun (which might not be the right word from Booth’s POV) on the way: “He’s a good dad [with Parker], but with a newborn, he realizes it’s going to take a lot of patience to deal with Temperance in so many different ways. It’s going to be fun.” Speaking of Parker, look for him to pop up around episode 10 and throw a little (jealousy-rooted!) drama into the new parents’ lives.

Why did EW not show Royal Pains any love this week? It returned and I didn’t see zip!  You can make it up to me with some scoop. Thanks! J– Kirsten
Accept my penance: Next week’s episode will see more Tom Cavanagh, who will finally learn the truth about his diagnosis. And it’s pretty crushing. Also, Evan and Paige deal with a buggy situation, and Divya and Hank’s unresolved issues (following her near-fatal mistake) bubble to the surface.

(Carrie Borzillo, Aubry D’arminio, Shaunna Murphy, and Benjamin Wood contributed to this column.)


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