'Gossip Girl' 100th episode shocker: Producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran tease what's next

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Just don’t expect that “someone else” to be Prince Louis. The question of an annulment will be answered in next week’s episode, but Savage swore that the love is over either way. “[Louis] thinks [before the wedding] that after all they’ve gone through with the baby, ‘We’re both on the same page. We’re both back to square one. We’ve weathered the toughest storms we could, and we’re now a unit.’ So for [Blair] to go to this place on their wedding day is too much.”

In Louis’ defense, having your significant other declare their love for someone else on your wedding day sounds like a soul-crushing letdown. Still, his words for Blair were shockingly harsh — so harsh that she turned, yet again, to the guy whose shoulder only exists to be cried on. But Safran said that Dan won’t tolerate her indecisive behavior for long. “At a certain point, he probably won’t be able to stand that anymore,” he said. “[Dan will] force Blair to not treat him that way, or not treat him at all.”

But not before they’ve had some serious fun. “[Next week] they go someplace we’ve never shot before, that we’ve always wanted to shoot,” Safran teased. “It was a really complicated, but super fun, big, great set piece. It also has, in my mind, the best comedy we’ve ever done. Really, that next episode is very funny.”

So be on the lookout for some great comedy, and some great love triangle action, in the very near future. But Safran and Savage said that the episode’s biggest reveal – that the scheming Georgina Sparks is, in fact, the titular character – will greatly change the course of the series. “Now that you see that she has this role, you’re invited into a process that, for years, you haven’t seen,” Safran said. “Seeing that process of how Gossip Girl gets her tips, and what she does to get her tips, is really fun.”

Who will she ruin next? Will it be Nate — who, according to Safran, has “love on the horizon?” Or maybe it’s her long-term target Serena, who “feels like she might be losing things in her world?” The producers were mum on Georgina’s next move, but one thing’s for sure:

“Georgina will set her sights on everybody, always,” Safran teased. “She could take herself down. Maximum damage makes her laugh.”


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