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Sandra, you’re the only person who listens to my calls for scoop from my beloved USA shows! So Psych me, please! — Billie
This season’s finale is going to blow your socks off. Two words: Kama sutra. Just kidding! (Sort of.) But in the episode, a case from the past suddenly reopens that puts Jules in danger and makes Shawn’s dad begin to doubt his skills. It all leads to a shocking decision and an even more shocking conclusion. Yes, there’s a cliffhanger.

WTF, Gossip Girl. WTF! This 100th episode had me both shocked and enraged. But now, I’m just eager. Chuck and Blair! Georgina as Gossip Girl? I have too many questions, so I’ll settle for anything! — Kim
How about a nifty peek at Monday’s episode? Assuming your answer is yes, I advise you to watch my Twitter for the latest.

[Knock, Knock] Leonard and Penny scoop. [Knock, Knock] Leonard and Penny scoop. [Knock, Knock] Leonard and Penny scoop. — Leslie
Leslie. Leslie. Leslie. Here you go: Even though Leonard and Penny were having fun making out in the dark in last night’s episode, I wouldn’t count on total smooth sailing following their sorta reconciliation during the 100th episode. “If it goes smoothly, there’s not a lot of comedy in that,” Johnny Galecki tells EW. “I’m surprised that the writers have decided to revisit the relationship. I’m very grateful, and I think they are handling it brilliantly. But I think they [Penny and Leonard] have a lot of maturing to go. … Leonard has a lot of work to do on his confidence still and Penny on her fear of emotion and love and commitment. Big issues.” And while he admits that he didn’t see their reunion coming, he now predicts that the issues he thought would keep them apart aren’t likely to be so big that they split them up again — at least for now, he says. “I just assumed that they would need some more time to mature and figure some stuff out. But that’s not to say that they can’t do that together either.”

Let’s get some Big Bang scoopage! Maybe some Wolowitz and Bernadette love? — B.J.
If you would have asked me a week ago, I would have put the odds of a Wolowitz/Bernadette wedding by the end of the season at 80/20. But Melissa Rauch isn’t so confident. “I think it’s 50/50, knowing Howard and Bernadette. I don’t know where it’s going to end up,” she says. “[And] we’re going to be talking more about Howard going into space, which is really fun.” Could it be possible Howard will have to choose between a trip to space and his out-of-this-world, awesome fiance? Stay tuned.

Hi Sandra — What are you hearing about the new season of Army Wives? I’m desperately missing our favorite tribe. Any scoop? Or a start date? – Jill
Army Wives returns March 4, and while I don’t have any specific intel, I can tell you where you’ll be able to see Army Wives (and Oz) alum Lee Tergesen very soon: The Big C! Tergesen will play Kirby, Cathy’s (Laura Linney) new, tattooed confidante, for four episodes (as of now).

A long shot, but the return of Breaking Bad seems SO far away, hoping you have a little something to hold us over. — Kevin
Aaron Paul (who plays Jesse Pinkman) is pretty much in the dark like the rest of us. But he did share that this season will find Jesse “happy to be alive” and “pleased that Brock didn’t die,” but also, he teased, “struggling to fight over his inner demons” after being overcome with guilt. But what ever could he be feeling guilty about? Wink. Nudge.

News of this Parenthood wedding has me SOOOO excited!! PLEASE tell me it’s Sarah and Mark! — Jenna
Are you the type of person who only likes to hear what they want to hear? If so, avert your eyes. It’s not them. But I will say I’m pretty happy about the couple who IS walking down the aisle. (Some of you might disagree, though.)

I have a Revenge question. I know you can’t say WHO the killer is or the killed person, but I want to know what my reaction will be. — Robyn
Satisfaction — at least according to EP Mike Kelley. “I’m hoping for satisfaction, and I think that there will be some gasps, some ‘I told you so.'” Let’s take this one to the polls! (My top three guesses are listed.)

After the murder on Revenge, are we going to switch locations for the trial? — Josh
Not immediately. “For a lot of reasons, our key players will be staying in the Hamptons in the off season,” Kelley assures.

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