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Fans largely reacted well to the debut of Jamie Lee Curtis on NCIS this week, and her second outing will likely prove to be even better because the episode also marks the debut of Sean Astin’s character, a fellow PsychOps investigator who comes in to assist on a case.

When I spoke to him about the role, Astin, who could possibly guest in more than one episode, had nothing but praise for his character and fellow costar Curtis. But what popped out to me the most? The dish he gave me on the budding relationship between Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Curtis’ Dr. Ryan, and how it will effect their teams. “The fun thing is that Cote [de Pablo] and Michael Weatherly and me — as the corollary on Jamie’s side of the equation — are a little unsettled that their bosses might be having the start of a romantic something or other,” he says. “They’re usually so focused on what they’re doing and have a very sober approach to life. And now there’s something going on and we’re all a little uneasy. We’re like the uncomfortable kids whose parents might be dating.”

Sounds like we can look for at least a few good laughs in the ep, but also brace yourself for some action. “I got to see some action! There was some discussion about whether or not I got to carry a firearm. And I do!” Astin says.

(Be sure to keep an eye out for a full report on our convo soon!)


Hello. I was just wondering when we will see the George Eads chat you mentioned recently. Thank you — Connie
George was detained, unfortunately. (Crazy filming schedule!) But we’re rescheduling. In the meantime, though, please accept this scoopage: Episode 20 is going to hit close to home for Stokes when a murderer he helped put away is about to be set free. So the CSIs must race against the clock to put him back where he belongs. Intense? You bet!

Sandra, the last Glee episode had me SO stressed out (but was great!). Now we have to wait forever until it’s back! Any scoop on what’s coming up? — Abbey
A show insider says that despite the emotional winter finale, Glee will return in April with “upbeat episodes,” including the much-buzzed installments with Matt Bomer as Blaine’s brother, and the music of Saturday Night Fever.

So now that we know the super-secret identity of Quinn… something’s been bothering me. In episode 14 of season 3, “The Bracket,” Barney’s busy trying to figure out which of his past conquests is sabotaging his current attempts on women, and has the revelation after Lily is met by her. Lily suggests that it’s Karma, to which Barney replies, “No, she’s stripping in Vegas.” Could it be? Has Barney’s love interest been under his nose the whole time? — Jacob
I love this so much, Jacob! If I had a gold star right now, I’d give it to you. In fact, why don’t you go to the kitchen, make one out of foil, come back, give it to me, and I’ll give it back to you. That’s a clever reference. (EDIT: Duh, we’ve already met her! Thanks to those who reminded me.) Meanwhile, Craig Thomas told me that part of what he loved about the character Quinn was her enigmatic nature. “The gang doesn’t know — and the audience doesn’t know — what to think because of what starts to come up between them. It’s a really hard to read the relationship at first,” Thomas told me last week. “I think people watching at home will all have different opinions. She’s definitely a character who keeps Barney and the audience guessing. I think Becky [Newton] likes playing that. She’s hard to read — you don’t know if she’s good news or bad news.” In fact, he added, an upcoming episode will touch on that very theme.


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Sandra, your HIMYM scoops are second to none! But I haven’t seen anything on Marshmallow and Lily. Anything to report? — Julia
There’s a curveball coming this week. It’s not about the baby, but “there’s definitely a big shift that happens for them in the episode,” says Thomas. “And it’s cool.”

Sandra, it’s your last chance before the end of the season to give me White Collar scoop! Go! — Katey
You won’t see one of these things in Tuesday’s finale: a cake with a kitty wearing an anklet; a brief return from Diahann Carroll; Neal in handcuffs; someone on a [spoiler]; and someone in a possibly deadly [spoiler].

Community! I’m so excited for March 15 but the wait is painful! — Deena
Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s coming back! Per the lovely Yvette Nicole Brown: “I don’t want to say what happens, but it’s a full Shirley episode with him. It’s pretty exciting.” She’s excited! You’re excited! I’m excited! It’s all very… well, you know.

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