Midseason TV Death Watch: Bubble Show Edition

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Rob: 3.8 rating, 12.1 million. Status: Rob Schneider’s comedy started strong and is still doing well. But CBS sets the bar really high for this post-Big Bang slot, as William Shatner discovered last year.

A Gifted Man: 1.3 rating, 8.3 million. Status: Stunted 16-episode season and hasn’t performed well despite a recent promotion to 9 p.m. So long, Patrick Wilson: We only hope there’s time for you to book another show for fall.

Unforgettable: 2.7 rating, 12.7 million. Status: The Poppy Montgomery drama performs fairly well without anybody saying a word about it, which makes us think it’s got a good shot.

The Good Wife: 2.5 rating, 11.7 million. Status: CBS really wants bigger ratings (and young viewers), but The Good Wife is one of the few CBS dramas that gets a bunch of press and acclaim. It’s a keeper.

CSI: NY: 1.9 rating, 10.6 million, and CSI: Miami: 2.6 rating, 10.9 million. Status: Our prediction: Gary Sinese and company says goodbye this spring, followed by David Caruso next year. CSI the mother ship was the first one in and it will be the last one out.

How to be a Gentleman (CBS): 2.7, 8.4 million


Up All Night: 2.4 rating, 5.4 million. Status: Of all of the new NBC comedies, we think this one is most likely to return next season.

Whitney: 2.2 rating, 5 million. Status: Nosedived after being moved to Wednesdays. Girl, you’re done.

Grimm: 2.1 rating, 6.4 million. Status: Very likely will return. Not a big number, but NBC’s other new dramas this season made Grimm look like NCIS.

Parenthood: 2.5 rating, 6.3 million. Status: The congenial underdog. Feels likely to return, but really depends on how many new dramas NBC orders.

Community: 1.8 rating, 4 million. Status: On any other network it would go away. NBC isn’t any other network.

Harry’s Law: 1.5 rating, 8.6 million. Status: We don’t see how NBC can afford to bring this back, and it wouldn’t fit with Grimm on Fridays.

Rock Center With Brian Williams: 1.1 rating, 4.5 million. Status: A ratings black hole that drags down everything around it. Please replace Rock Center with Dateline soon before it starts hurting shows on other networks.

Are You There, Chelsea? 2.0 rating, 4.8 million. Status: “Are you there, viewers? It’s me, season 2… that’s what I thought.”

Smash: 3.3 rating; 9.7 million: Status: Producers emphasized it’s nothing like Glee, but neither are its recent numbers. And Katherine McPhee just ain’t that exciting. Too early to call but…oy. 


Fashion Star: Debuts March 13. Status: A Project Runway type show that comes from the producers who made Project Runway a success. Seeing how NBC is having a dilly of time getting traction with its new shows, we aren’t optimistic about its opening.

Awake: Debuted March 1: Status: Can a complex — very complex — drama change the game for NBC? Debuted stronger than The Firm and Prime Suspect, but that’s not saying much.

Playboy Club: 1.5, 4.9 million

Prime Suspect: 1.7, 6.1 million

Free Agents: 1.5, 3.8 million

The Firm: This never should have been made into a series.


The CW takes a rather mathematical approach when renewing its shows: It looks at current shows, adds the new crop, then sees how many time slots it has to fill during the upcoming season. The difference between the numbers is how many current shows will get cut. This is unlike other broadcasters because The CW doesn’t hold a bunch of titles in reserve to drop into the schedule if a show or two flops out of the gate (which is why CW shows often continue airing long after you’d think their ratings would result in cancellation).

What this means: We don’t know what’s getting axed on The CW. But when we know how many CW pilots have received series orders, we’ll suddenly be very confident. In the meantime…

Secret Circle: 0.9 rating, 2.2 million. Status: It fits nice with The Vampire Diaries … aside from losing a big bite of it’s audience. Probably returning, though might move to Friday.

Ringer: 0.8 rating, 1.8 million. Status: We would be surprised if Sarah Michelle Gellar’s drama gets another season.

Hart of Dixie: 0.8 rating, 1.9 million. Status: Feels more on-brand, and more likely to survive, than Ringer.

Nikita: 0.7 rating, 1.9 million. Status: We don’t know but… James say no, Lynette is thinking yes.

* Ratings are season to date, including 7 days of DVR playback.


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