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This whole season of Raising Hope has been fantastic! I’m LOVING Jimmy and Sabrina together. What’s next for them as a couple? — Sarah B.
Prison! Well, for one of them. But don’t worry; Katy Perry (as a deranged guard) is there to keep Sabrina company after she ends up in the pokey for organizing an Occupy Natesville. (Actually, it was probably more for kicking an officer in the nads.) And while there isn’t much Jimmy can do to help his dearly incarcerated, Virginia’s the one who ends up having the real pull in this episode!

Any plans for the introduction of Tyrese from the comics into The Walking Dead? — Nathan
Not in the foreseeable future. Plus, I think there will be plenty going on between the arrival of the governor next season, the major death that leaked yesterday, and the other major death that hasn’t.

Any cute Nick/Jess moments coming up on New Girl? — Rosie
Is Nick and Jess sleeping together on the beach considered cute? If so, yes. If not… still yes. (P.S.:  I chose my wording carefully to assure maximum sauciness.)

OK, I can’t wait three weeks to find out!  The last thing we saw was Alaric getting shot in the chest at almost point-blank range. He’s not finally dead for real, is he? His life-saving ring has been failing of late, so we can’t count on that. It would be absolutely devastating if he were to leave the show! — MaryAnnMC
If he shows up to PaleyFest this week, then I think we’re safe to assume he’s not “dead for real” this time. (P.S.: I’m already assuming that.) Also, can I just say that I love that the phrase “dead for real” exists?

Any new scoop for The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, or Supernatural?
Is there a subfolder in your scoop files for “things that are never gonna happen”? If not, get out the label maker. You see, even though John Winchester hasn’t been on Supernatural in, oh, five years, I still get asked if he’s ever slated for return. So let’s let Jeffrey Dean Morgan put this to bed for good. “Yes, I would go back if they asked me. My stance always is I would love to come back. In fact, they have trashed John so f–king much on that show that I would like to come back just to set the record straight the real way,” he says. “I’m not that bad of a dad. I saved my kids. I went to hell to save my kids. How bad can I be, people? But there are a couple of story lines that I’d like to resolve and more importantly those people mean a lot to me. Jensen [Ackles] introduced me to [girlfriend and White Collar star Hilarie Burton] and they’re family, so it’d be fun to go back. But I don’t think it will ever happen.”

You haven’t had anything on Alcatraz in a bit and I was hoping for a little scoop on the two-hour episode. Anything good? — Caitlin
I would say the episodes are only loosely connected, so I wouldn’t necessarily call it a two-hour installment. But they are definitely two strong episodes — each with its own strength. The first episode finds the gang trapped inside Alcatraz during a wicked storm and features a pretty cool discovery at the end of the episode. And the second hour, titled “Sonny Burnett,” is the episode in which Sons of Anarchy alum Theo Rossi guests as probably one of my favorite cons so far. You know how our hearts were aching for poor Juice toward the end of the last Sons season? Well, you won’t feel bad for him here; he’s downright creepy — and after you see it, you’ll never want to see him another way!

Sandra, I know you’re a Jeffrey Dean Morgan fan! So you’ve gotta tell me about Magic City! Thoughts? Early intel? — Savannah
How about some preview scoop from the man himself, who plays hotel owner Ike Evans in the Starz crime drama, premiering April 6. “In the first episode, it is all about Sinatra playing our New Year’s party [but] we don’t ever see Sinatra. We hear him singing and Ella Fitzgerald,” he says. “You don’t want to throw an actor trying to be Sinatra out there because you run the risk of not doing it well, and I think it takes away from the reality you are creating by doing somewhat of a gimmick. But there’s the essence. You can smell Sinantra. You may not see him but you know he’s there. We do that quite a bit throughout the show.” And just because the show is set in a similar era, don’t be so quick to draw Mad Men comparisons, he says. “There’s nothing like it on television and thank God I like it. I was worried that I’d sign up for some seven-year commitment and then it turned out to be s—, like ‘What the f— have I done?'”

Sandra can you PLZ, PLZ, PLZ ask Blair Brown if she will get to direct a Fringe ep like she had hoped. She mentioned it last season. — @dublawgal
Answer here, along with some really great teases on the last part of the season!

I watch everything on HBO. So I’ll take anything you have on an HBO show! — Jeff
Do we live next door to each other?! I swear that’s the only channel my neighbor watches. (It sounds creepy that I know that, but it’s really not. New York = thin walls.) Anyhoo…you might be seeing a lot less Dustin Powers next season on Eastbound & Down. At the Indie Spirit Awards held last weekend in L.A., John Hawkes told us that he has “limited participation” in the next season of the show as a result of his busy film schedule. “I am in a few of the episodes. I was very excited to do one in particular, but I had a very small window from the film I was working on. When got off the set, [a] hurricane happened and I was never able to reshoot that. So I won’t be on the show a lot this season, but I will be watching every week,” he says.

Any scoop on this death coming on Community?
It’s not someone major, but it’s someone loved.

(Carrie Bell, Mandi Bierly and Lanford Beard contributed to this column.)


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