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New Girl’s first season finale isn’t nailed down yet, but creator Liz Meriwether isn’t worried. “We’re not making Lost,” she joked while on the red carpet before the show’s panel at PaleyFest. But that’s not to say the finale won’t be fun. “We do have, hopefully, a really fun episode planned for the end that would just focus on all of them together,” she said.

Until he sees the finale in front of him, Jake Johnson is in the dark about what’s in store for Nick (and Nick and Jess, for that matter). He teased, however, that the episodes leading up to the closer will have some shockers in store for Nick. How so? “At the end of season 1, things are getting really interesting for Nick. I’m just reading the script and it’s surprising me,” he said. “A love interest comes in the picture for Nick that was really shocking for me.” And I don’t think he was talking about Nick’s man-crush on Dermot Mulroney (who will pop up soon as a love interest for Jess).

Where does that leave comedy’s newest ‘shipper-friendly pair? In the friend-zone most likely, especially considering Meriwether said the finale would “cement their friendship in a really cool way.” Well, good things come to those who wait, friends. Also, there’s fanfiction. (Do NOT even give me that look.)



Hi Sandra! My husband and I are big fans of Shameless and we think it is not getting the credit it deserves! So can you give it a plug and also give my husband and I some news about what will happen in the rest of season 2? Thanks! — Shameless-ly Addicted (a.k.a. Crystal)
The upcoming Thanksgiving-centered episode (airing March 25) is an emotional roller-coaster that, I think, could turn even non-fans into regular watchers. (Suggestion: Have a shameless viewing party! Erm, I mean, Shameless.) And it’s probably my favorite Lip episode to date. He may be a fractured, foul-mouthed person, but at his core, he’s a pretty sensitive guy. You’ll see this come to the surface as the birth of his baby draws near. How? He prepares a video for the little tyke that he plans to give the adoptive parents. But be warned, the end of this hour, in which you’ll see Karen (graphically) give birth, will not end how you expect on many levels.

It’s ridic that HIMYM didn’t get a PaleyFest panel this year! Sandra, make that happen next year. K? How about some scoop to make us feel better? — Deena
I’ll do what I can! (Read: I can’t do anything about it, but I agree. Ha.) Buuuuuuut, I can tell you that I was on set yesterday when they were filming the penultimate episode. (See my stupid, ridiculously happy grin here.) It’s a half hour that you might already know something about if you regularly read Spoiler Room, and while it’s incredible in so many ways, I can’t reveal much quite yet. But here’s what I did learn while trolling around set: The full name of Marshall and Lily’s baby. And, honestly, it’s perfect in every way. Guesses?

Sandra, I don’t know about you but I’m going through Leverage withdrawal to the point that I’m growling like Eliot and my co-workers are sounding suspiciously like Chaos and Hardison.  Any clues as to what may be in store for us this next season? Thanks! — Brandy
As you wish.

Thank you for your Office scoop, but what about Daryl and Val?! They’re my new Jim and Pam! — Cameron
I love them, too! But that’s exactly why I was troubled to hear that Brandon (Val’s boyfriend) would be back for the finale, which will be written and directed by B.J. Novak, to “have it out” with Darryl! “I think it’s fun to see Darryl want something — to see Darryl care about something, to see Darryl not get something he wants so easily, to see him in a rivalry with someone,” says Novak. “And Jerry Minor, the actor who plays Brandon, has done a lot of stage work with Craig [Robinson]. You should see it on YouTube, it’s very not safe for work but it’s extremely funny. But it’s really about getting more sides of Craig: romance, comedy, character.”

Have fun at the Bones panel! Bring back something juicy! — Karen
I did have a blast! (Full report here.) And I even brought back a present: Scoop on those four stand-alone Bones episodes! While they don’t have airdates yet, creator Hart Hanson tells me that they “took some creative chances” with this batch. “If they would have been in the normal season, maybe the network may have [been apprehensive],” he said. “But we got a little poetic license.” One of them? A 9/11-centric episode that brings all the interns together in a creative way, another that is from the point of view of the murder victim, one that deals with identical twins, and another that finds the remains glued to a living person.

Community has to come back, like, now. That’s all. — Kellie
Soon, my pet. Soon. Meanwhile, nosh on this from Danny Pudi, who teased me with some info about the upcoming Law & Order-themed episode that finds the gang investigating a crime that’s been committed against them. “The group goes on this hunt on campus, trying to figure out who’s the perp and how it’s going to effect the group. What I love about this episode in particular is that, like any episode of Law & Order — where they go around the whole city of New York and you meet people and there’s detours — the same thing happens to the world of Greendale. It’s a nice chance to get all the characters back. Like, all of them,” he said. (Everyone from Star-burns, to Vicki, to Fat Neil!) But my biggest burning question about the episode: Did they get to use the L&O sound effect?! “I don’t know yet,” he said, laughing. “I think it depends on whether or not there’s money. It’s probably more expensive than our show.”

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