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Make it or Break It comes back soon! I’m not happy about Chelsea Hobbs being gone, so any chance she’ll pop up for a guest spot? — Nicky
Unlikely. But not to worry, creator Holly Sorensen has brought in someone new to play the New Blood role this season: Dondre Whitfield, who’ll appear as the Olympic team coach. “Part of going to this groovy training center was I knew that we’d have limited access to Neil Jackson, the actor who plays our beloved Sasha Beloff because he was doing Upstairs, Downstairs in England,” says Sorensen. “We wouldn’t have him for all the episodes and I couldn’t imagine doing it without him in all the episodes. So we brought in a really super fun new coach from Texas.”

I’m back!!! You guys told me you’d go find a ‘mightier scoop’, so I’m back for it now! I’ve seen all the trailers and the new photos, now I want some real scoop for Game of Thrones.  What have you dug up? Thank You!! — Michelle
All you need to know, and then some. :)

Any more NCIS finale scoop? Cliff-hanger? Will someone die? Let’s hear it! — Rebecca
Asking if there will be a cliff-hanger on an NCIS finale is like asking if the episode will have a crime. Of course there’s a mighty cliff’er and plenty of danger involved, too. And if I had to put my money on the person most likely to be in a compromising situation, I’d have to go with Ducky, especially after what executive producer Gary Glasberg told me. “Ducky’s going to have his hands full. We’ve got a situation where there will be injured and bodies and he’ll have a lot on his plate. That combined with Palmer’s wedding — there’s a lot going on. Ducky is an integral part of this team and we’ve figured out a fun story line for him. I’m excited to see how David McCallum embraces it and how the whole team participates in it,” he says, reminding me with a laugh, “I view suspense and edge-of-your-seat as fun.”

Any teases on Smash? I’m hoping someone other than me is watching! — Evelyn
I am! And I’m very excited about an upcoming Bollywood number in which you’ll get a chance to see Dev sing for the very first time! About darn time if you ask me.

I’m still on the fence about how I feel about Quinn on How I Met Your Mother. Are we going to warm up to her soon? — Ryan
I think so, especially after she and another character become *****a***!

I hope my Grey’s question gets in. I know it’s late, but I just watched this week’s episode. SO heartbreaking on many levels! Cristina and Owen, chief and Adele, and even Mer and Der. Any chance of happier times for any them? — Kat
Depends on your definition of happy. Some tragic stuff is in store for one pair, but it might end up opening a door we thought was closed.

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten some news on The Middle, one of this season’s most underappreciated shows! What do you have for me? – Lisa
Mike & Molly, NCIS, and Cougar Town aren’t the only shows plotting end-of-season weddings. You’ll see some nuptials being planned near the end of this season on The Middle after Mike’s brother Rusty rolls into town with a bride-to-be. And what better locale than the Heck household? Actually, I can think of many. (Like, an Elvis Chapel… wow, I’m classy.) But let’s just say that in this case, the location matches the couple…

I LOVED your Schmidt video! He’s so cute! Any more news on New Girl? — Laurie
On the heels of Nick’s recent medical issue, another member of the gang will be requiring the help of a medical professional before the end of the season. And, unfortunately for poor Schmidt, the injury is in a… sensitive area.


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