Sam Witwer on Darth Maul's 'Clone Wars' Resurrection: 'He's going to be around for a little bit' -EXCLUSIVE

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So you’re saying his arc isn’t going to be over after the season 4 finale?
There are major consequences for Darth Maul being reintroduced to the Star Wars galaxy. This guy doesn’t just show up, wave his lightsaber around, have a few mean lines here and there, then pass into obscurity. He makes a major splash in the Clone Wars, and it’s entirely consequential the things that he’s up to and tries to accomplish.

Okay, but you know what everyone wants to see is a rematch with Obi-Wan, right?
Everyone thinks they know what they want to see from Darth Maul. So first, we thwarted your expectations by making Maul this spider creature. We went in completely the opposite direction. But then in “Revenge” we give you what you think you wanted all along. From there, though, we go off in a direction that people would never have predicted.

Revenge doesn’t become as important?
That goal of revenge is not something that goes away, but what does change is how he’s going to go about it. And some of that involves Asajj Ventress. You’ve seen her become a bounty hunter. But Darth Maul would never become a bounty hunter. He’s way too ambitious for that. He was trained as a Sith Lord and that’s what he wants to be. Sure, Ventress was trained as a Sith but she really just wants validation. She wanted a mentor figure to validate her. And when that didn’t work out she sets out on her own. But the revenge that Maul wants starts out very straightforward — I’ll lock lightsabers with Obi-Wan Kenobi! — but then it becomes a lot more complicated. Simple revenge isn’t good enough. It’s gotta be grand revenge, on a huge scale, and the galaxy’s going to know about it.

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