Sam Witwer on Darth Maul's 'Clone Wars' Resurrection: 'He's going to be around for a little bit' -EXCLUSIVE

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Maul, as voiced by Peter Serafinowicz in The Phantom Menace, has three lines. You had more dialogue just with his incoherent muttering in last week’s episode, so you’ve basically had to build this character from the ground up. What kind of research did you do to prepare?
Well, I certainly watched Phantom Menace. And also this terrific music video promo that Peter Serafinowicz narrated, none of which ended up in the film. Then I read the comic book series where he goes after the Black Sun, and also just read a whole bunch of stuff on Wookieepedia about his background and tried to incorporate as much of that background into the character as possible. I agree with Dave on that. We have to tell our own story, but whenever we can incorporate elements of the EU in that, we should do it. Like how we included the Sith Code among Maul’s ramblings. I just started reciting that as one of my ad libs, then after the final line, “Through victory my chains are broken,” I added, “The chains…the chains are the easy part. It’s what goes on in here that’s hard.” And that’s a line that the Son has the Mortis trilogy. It’s when the Son is masquerading as that creepy little gnome who frees Ahsoka from her imprisonment. He actually says, “The chains…the chains are the easy part. It’s what goes on in here (points to his head) that’s the easy part.”

You see a real connection between Maul and the Son?
I drew a lot from the Son. If you subscribe to the idea that that character was in some ways all of the dark side characters, then the Son needed to be in Darth Maul. He needed to have pieces of that character. The arrogance of Darth Maul is really from the Son. They have a very similar, arrogant nature about them. And again, what’s funny is that some of the stuff I’m talking about with Maul you won’t see this season. Don’t dare bring this character back unless you learn more about him than you could have possibly imagined.

I also can’t help but see a connection between Maul and Starkiller, Vader’s apprentice who you voiced in The Force Unleashed?
Yeah, there is. When we did Force Unleashed we totally made that connection. In a weird way we did a story about how Darth Maul was trained. So when Starkiller talks to Darth Vader, he should sound just a little bit like Darth Maul. He should be very casual when talking to Juno, but when he talks to Vader he should sound tense and formal.

So what we should take away from all this is that Maul’s story could go anywhere?
And it does, my friend, I promise you.

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