Death Watch 2012: Our fall TV survival predictions

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30 Rock: 2.2 rating. Status: We’re hearing a seventh and final season is likely for the critical darling.

Are You There, Chelsea? 1.9 rating. Status: We suspect nobody at NBC is drunk enough to renew this show.

Awake: 2.1 rating. Status: Stronger than The Firm and Prime Suspect, but that’s not saying much. Jury’s still out.

Bent: .9 rating. Status: Four episodes have aired, two are left. We suspect those will be its last.

Chuck: 1.3 rating. Status: So long!

Community: 1.9 rating. Status: Critics and die-hard fans love it, but delivers a cable-sized audience. We expect a renewal anyway.

Grimm: 2.2 rating. Status: RENEWED.

Fashion Star: 1.6 rating. Status: Feels like a Bravo-sized show like Project Runway.

Fear Factor: 2.8 rating. Status: What, you don’t want to see if someone may still drink donkey semen on national TV?

Free Agents: 1.5, 3.8 million

Harry’s Law: 1.4 rating. Status: We don’t see how NBC can afford to bring this back, and it wouldn’t fit with Grimm on Fridays.

Law & Order: SVU: 2.3 rating. Status: A modestly solid crime drama that NBC can’t afford to lose right now. 

Parenthood: 2.6 rating. Status: The congenial underdog. Feels likely to return, but really depends on how many new dramas NBC orders.

Parks & Recreation: 2.2 rating. Status: Such a phenomenally funny show. It deserves another season and will probably get it.

Playboy Club: 1.5, 4.9 million.

Prime Suspect: 1.7, 6.1 million

The Apprentice: 2.4 rating. Status: Celebrity versions do fine; we think another one will come down the pipeline. 

The Firm: 1.2 rating. Status: Never should have been made into a series.

The Biggest Loser: 2.5 rating. Status: Feels tired, but it’s a solid player and relatively cheap to keep in the hopper.

The Office: 3.5 rating. Status: It’s NBC’s highest-rated scripted show. So, yes — even with actors exiting and the showrunner stepping down.

Rock Center With Brian Williams: 1.1 rating, 4.5 million. Status: Stick with your day job, Brian.

The Sing-Off: 1.8 rating. Status: Better suited for summer. Seems unlikely it will show up next fall.

Smash: 3.4 rating. Status: RENEWED

The Voice: 7.4 rating. Status: Though nothing is official, negotiations are well underway over a third season and deciding which judges will make a triumphant return.

Up All Night: 2.4 rating. Status: Of all of the new NBC comedies, we think this one is most likely to return next season.

Whitney: 2.2 rating. Status: Nosedived after being moved to Wednesdays. Girl, you’re done.



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