Megan Mullally caught 'Breaking In' to EW offices, posing with our Ron Swanson artwork: PHOTOS


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Staff Writer Mandi Bierly’s office
Even though Mullally is running late for her next appointment, she wants to cruise by my office since I’d been her partner in crime (and because I’d told her that I’d cleaned for her). I’m prepared to offer her something from my “Thanks for last night!” autograph collection or one of my life-size Vampire Diaries cardboard standees* that doubles as a coat rack, but there is no need. She makes a beeline to my bookshelf and grabs my copy of the picture book Hairy Hunks: A Celebration of Shaggy Stallions. “Obviously, because I’m married to Nick Offerman, who is very hirsute as they say, I would love a book of hairy hunks,” she says.

*If they made a Ron Swanson standee, imagine how great our photos would have been.

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