'House' series finale: Cast, creator explain why it's time for the end -- EXCLUSIVE

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House has always been a series steeped in cynicism and darkness thanks to its caustic title character — but as longtime viewers know, it’s not that simple. The dual nature of Dr. House — with that good side peeking out just often enough to keep us intrigued — is a big part of what drives the show. After all, House spent last week’s episode trying to convince Wilson to fight for his life. The House-Wilson scenes in the past few episodes have been some of the most stunning of the series and have revealed more of House’s heart than ever before.

“I love House,” Laurie said of his character. “If you don’t, there’s no way in. If you play a judgement of the character, that’s incredibly tedious to watch, except in the sort of broadest, satirical way. I’ve loved him right from the start. He’s immensely funny, imaginative — and some bad things too. Basically he’s on the side of the angels without necessarily being an angel.”

“[House] is very much a hopeful character,” said Shore, who knew Laurie was the right actor the moment he read for the part. “He’s seeking truth and happiness. He doesn’t necessarily succeed, but who truly does? He’s trying to do the right thing — not the right thing society’s telling him to do. That’s what’s truly heroic about him. He has a very deep moral compass, to his own detriment.”

Odette Annable, who plays Dr. Adams (new this season) summed it up: “There’s just so much truth in this show and raw honesty you can take from it,” she said. “House can be vulgar — ‘everybody lies’ — but goddamnit, it’s kind of true.”

Watch below as Leonard and Laurie comment on the Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson nature of the House/Wilson friendship. (This was shot a month and a half before the finale — and well before Wilson got cancer — so the fact that I suggested that the finale be called “Everybody Dies” is just a crazy coincidence.)

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