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I’m so happy Teen Wolf got a third season, and I’m so excited about the season finale. Any good tease for the cliffhanger? — Maya
Executive producer Jeff Davis is more than happy to help. And his reveal is big! “At the end of the finale, you will meet Season 3’s new bad guys, whose sudden arrival is the real reason Derek has been so persistent in building a pack of his own.”

I’d love some scoop on the next season of Girls!! — Ellie
You mean the Emmy-nominated comedy Girls? If so, you’re in luck. While chatting with writer, creator, director, star, and overall fantastic interviewee Lena Dunham about the show’s accolades, she gave me a quick preview of the upcoming second season. “I’m not going to say we pick up right on the beach,” she said, “but we will be picking up all the threads that we teased you at the end of last season — for sure!”

Any scoop on New Girl? — Vivian
You mean with the Emmy-nominated Max Greenfield and Zooey Deschanel? If so, you’re out of luck. The show doesn’t start back until early August and the cast isn’t supposed to receive a script for the first episode until a few days from now. But what I can tell you? There could be more sexy lingerie scenes — if only because star Deschanel is up for anything. “Just the fact that I get to do scenes like that and get to be challenged is a wonderful thing,” she says.

Sandra, let’s get some Castle scoop! — Delia
An old adage says secrets don’t make friends, but I hear Castle and Beckett are going to attempt keeping their love from their buddies anyway. “I think the journey [this season] is about this connection and what does it mean now and how do they work together,” Stana Katic told me. “I watched this film called Leri, Oggi, Domani — it’s with Sofia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. It’s three different stories that Carlo Ponti build about love and sex, and it painted a really fun picture about relationships and how we humans navigate our way through it. It was a tremendous joy to watch. I think this year is going to be a lot about that — the humor of two people hooking up and trying to keep it from everybody and also trying to figure it out.” (Also, click here to see Nathan Fillion’s Comic-Con diary!)

Any good Covert Affairs spoilers? — Hannah
Arthur and Joan are not exempt from feeling the effects of Jai’s death. In fact, EP Matt Ord says we’ll be seeing this “ultimate power couple” challenged in big ways — as we saw a glimpse of last week.  “One of them might be leaving the agency, and they’ll be wrestling with that issue. There’s a lot they’re going to be going through as a couple.”

What can we expect in the next season of Smash? Will Ivy and Karen be friends? — @KayleighMays_xx
As if! And I have to agree with Megan Hilty, who says that the pair’s constant rivalry is “part of the rollercoaster ride of their relationship.” But, she adds, “They have to have a reason to come together and usually it’s over a common enemy. Those are some of my favorite scenes to play.” And our faves to watch!

Was [Megan Hilty] happy about how Smash‘s first season ended, with Karen getting the part and her character on the brink of destruction? — ‏@SamanthaSysak1
Yes — because she gets to come back with a vengeance in season 2! But, says Hilty, it doesn’t happen “in the way you’d expected [it] to.” “All I do know is that in the very first episode, you’ll see her making some very big changes — like within the first couple of minutes, which is exciting. It’s time for her to explore something new.” she says.


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Supernatural scoop please!! — Remy
Want a follow-up to the hyper-meta episode “The French Mistake”? Ben Edlund told reporters after the show’s panel at Comic-Con that he has an idea that could produce a part 2 — but he’s not sure if it’ll work. He’s also into dinosaurs, but “I’ve never been able to get them on.” TRY, BEN! TRY!

So Jim Beaver was at the SPN panel at Comic-Con. Does that mean he’s coming back? I love him, but… — Sarah
Everyone I chatted with after the panel was hesitant to confirm or deny a return, but Beaver would certainly be up for it. And, he added, he doesn’t think it’d be one too many trips back to the land of the living. “Dramatically speaking, you’ve hit on one of the dilemmas of the show and I think they’ve managed very well to walk the line without crossing over too much into making death less meaningful,” he says. “It’s dangerous if your show is about threatening people with destruction every week but destruction doesn’t matter because you get to come back. You don’t always get to come back and you don’t always get to come back well. What the show has done really well is creating characters that fans love so much that any step over that line gets attenuated by the fact that the audience is so happy to see the character back.” Agree?

Is there anything new on the upcoming season of Supernatural? I’m hoping that we get a few episodes centered on Purgatory. — Annabelle
As I’m sure you heard, it’ll be more than a few. And these flashbacks that we see will be intense, I hear. Especially episode 2, which is when we see Castiel again. That’s when we’ll find out whether he left Dean seemingly fending for himself in Purgatory for a good reason (to find help/provisions)…or a bad one.

You know what sucks? Waiting for Hart of Dixie to come back! So any and all scoop is appreciated! — Lucy
The show is currently looking for a musically talented gal to play Wade’s ex-bandmade — and former flame! Perfect opportunity for a celeb guest star, I think. Any suggestions? (Note: I said suggestions — not volunteers.)

Are you watching Common Law? I’d love  some scoop. Are we EVER going to find out what happened between Travis and Wes? And any word on a second season? — Kelly
I can’t speak to its chances, but I can tell you that the season finale — airing Aug. 10 —  will answer your burning question. Guest star and former Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell does, in fact, play a big role in what led to Wes pulling a gun on Travis. And let’s just say his character should thank his lucky stars that he did.

Leverage!!! — Sharon
This week’s episode takes the team to the ice! The hockey-themed ep has them investigating a team, and as part of their work, they have to stick Eliot on the ice with the single goal of kicking some ass. And we all know he does it so well. Also, a man from Sophie’s past comes into the picture — and I’ll let you watch to see Nate’s surprising reaction.


Image Credit: David Russell/Sony/DirecTV

The first two episodes of Damages were AWESOME! ANY info appreciated. — Catherine
The next two episodes (which I’ve seen!) are fantastic, but executive producer Glenn Kessler thinks the series finale will stand out  because of the “risks” they took while filming it. “We don’t want to give the secrets and surprises away, but it’s definitely action-packed,” he says.

White Collar!! I’ve loved the first two episodes. — Trudy
Excited about the episode of White Collar where Neal (Matt Bomer) and Peter (Tim DeKay) duke it out in a boxing ring? You should be! But next week’s episode will find Peter doing another physical activity. I mean racquetball, you pervs! Another reason you can’t miss this episode? There’s a big revelation about Neal’s childhood!

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