'Glee Project' winner interview: 'There was so much excitement, I almost levitated'

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Have you and Ryan Murphy been in talks since the show has ended?
Not really. He’s a busy guy. I haven’t really talked to him, but I’m sure once I do, it’ll be amazing. I do know he tweeted yesterday ‘wait till you see who they’re dating…” When I saw that, my mind started racing like, ‘could it be this person, this person, this person?’  That would be amazing. It’s exciting to know that’s coming. As an actor, I’d love to have love, and conflict, and just to know that’s coming is exciting. But that’s the most that I know about my character to come. I haven’t gotten a script yet. My birthday is on the 27th, so maybe if it comes around there it’ll just be the ultimate gift. I’m super stoked.

What would you like to see your character be on Glee?
I’d love to see my character be like a Finn-type character, that go-to guy that everybody goes to and confides in. And he’ll fight for his friends, and fight for the ones that he loves. He has a sense of humor, but can be serious. And definitely just be that leader. Not a douchey guy at all, just a leader for the choir room. But also someone who has problems on his own — I’d love for my character to have some depth.

With regards to the dating tweet, is there anyone you hope it might be?
Since a lot of them have graduated, I’m kind of thinking maybe Heather [Morris’s] character [Brittany] has gotten a little lonely. And then I come in, and maybe I don’t know that she’s with Naya and we start hitting it off. I’d hate to be the person that comes between them, because they’re so funny and a great couple. That could be fun, because I am not as good of a dancer as Heather, at all, so it would be funny. Doing a dance number with her and I’m just doing some goofy dance moves and she’s just rocking out.

Finally, this show is such a platform, and teens really look up to all the Glee characters. What do you hope teens get out of your role?
That’s such an intense question… I want them to realize everyone has got to be there for everyone. Even the people you don’t think are vulnerable at all. I want to get across that everyone is sensitive and has something. No matter how strong you are. Everybody has something and needs someone to be there for them. I would like to show that there is always room for love. I want to get across too that you always have to trust and believe in yourself. I know that sounds cliché and it’s probably been said a bunch of times on Glee, but I would love for my character to stand for that, for sure.

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