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I’m really worried about Michael’s mom after the watching the finale of Burn Notice, which was SO GOOD. Can you help ease my fears? — Sara B.
I can’t. Because you should be afraid for her. More details in my post-winter finale chat with EP Matt Nix, which I’ll put up tomorrow if you ask nicely.

Supernatural scoop. Please please please!! — Leslie
That sounds an awful lot like begging. I like it. So here’s what I can tell you: Episode 5, titled “Blood Brothers,” will find the brothers on somewhat separate journeys. Dean is called to aid the being that helped him out of Purgatory (but can’t tell Sam!) and Sam, meanwhile, spends some time with the lady friend he fell for while apart from Dean.

Hi Sandra. Just heard that Castle and Beckett finally make it to the Hamptons for a romantic weekend! Words can’t express how excited that makes me. I know it won’t be all sunshine as there will be a case they will have to investigate, but what else can you share about this episode? Hoping we’ll get to see some cute moments of them as a couple since they will be away from the precinct and wont’ have to hide their relationship.  — Cheryl
I think my favorite parts might end up being AT the precinct, where the pair will become very good at stealing glances and moments. “I’m hoping the audience is interested to see how we deal with that material — how we deal with them two in a relationship together and what that looks like when they’re out together in public, when they’re stealing moments or when they have to pretend that they’re not,” says executive producer Andrew Marlowe.

Damages! — Melissa
The series famous for its twists delivers tenfold in the final episodes, which I can tell you features a very unexpected departure, a flashforward, and a drastic professional move. Maybe in that order — maybe not.

Can I get some Alex scoop? #Nikita — Nicole
When the new season begins, Alex is having what Maggie Q calls “a little bit of an identity crisis” after coming clean about her identity at the end of last season. “She can’t be as effective as a member of the team as she’d like to be because of her new-found fame,” says Maggie Q. “The downside [of her reveal] is that she is now a public figure…She’s going to struggle with that.”

Hey, Sandra! It’s been WEEKS since Vampire Diaries scoop. So help a girl out. – Heather
While some of the gang might be looking to help Elena fight her craving for a kill, there’s one person who certainly will not: Damon. Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec says the elder Salvatore is rooting for Mystic Falls’ newest vamp to give in to what he feels is certain to happen. “In his mind, there’s an inevitability to being a vampire that we should just get to and get past. [It’s] the equivalent of kicking Elena out of the bird’s nest and letting her fall and see if she can fly.” What do we say gang? Fight or flight?

I have read a rumour of the possibility that Jessica Capshaw will not be returning to Grey’s Anatomy for season 9. Do you have any information regarding this rumour? Thanks! – Scully
I don’t. But the promos that keep popping up have me worried. What also worries me? What Shonda Rhimes told me during our last chat. “I can’t say anything other than [Callie and Arizona’s arc] is interesting. There’s a big story this year in the Callie camp – but that’s all I’m going to say.” Now, please leave me so I may watch the latest promo on a loop in peace. (Also, read this great chat EW’s Tanner Stransky had with Mrs. Former-Chief, Loretta Devine.)

Any Grey’s Anatomy scoop on MerDer? How will Meredith deal with Lexie’s death? Will Derek ever be able to operate again? Thanks. — Barbara
Mere will deal in a way that’s a little surprising. And as for Derek, I think it’s safe to say that he’ll always be a doctor, but says Rhimes, he’ll deal with the question of “what kind of doctor are you when you can’t do the thing you’re greatest at any more?” “We’re going to see him head back, but there is that question for him,” she says. 34 days to go, people!


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Any Auggie/Annie scoop?! – Shane
Here’s something that might entice you: The Sept. 4 episode ends on a note you won’t see coming (it involves a betrayal and a death), and that will bring A-squared together in the following week’s episode, which is likely to go in the shipper Hall of Fame!

I LOVE #CSINY & specifically Adam…… Got any scoop?! Please help me! #SpoilerRoom — @RebeccaReswig
Then you are going to LOVE episode six of next season. This Adam-heavy hour finds the lab tech entertaining some kids he meets with a mysterious story — which doubles as the show’s case of the week! Expect big laughs.

Gimme some Nick/Jess scoop! PUH-LEASE!!! — Gabrielle
I’ll tell you this: Jess losing her job might actually turn out to be a good thing when it comes to Nick and Jess time! EP Liz Meriwether explains: “Because she’s lost her job she’s actually at home a lot more. She’s on Nick’s schedule a lot more. They’re just spending more time together.”

I don’t see any questions about Mike & Molly. I love that show and happily admit it! — Joanne
Well, you never asked! But since you did, exec producer Mark Roberts says the season premiere will see M&M returning from their honeymoon and we “get a sense of what changes have taken place back home while they’re gone.” Good or bad changes? You’ll have to find out. Bonus scoop: “We might meet Mike’s boss this year,” Roberts reveals.

(Nuzhat Naoreen and Emily Rome contributed to this column.)


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