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My jaw is on the floor after [Sunday’s] Homeland. I can’t even form a proper question at this point, so can you help me out and think of something clever to tell me. — Natalie
Well, way to be totally lazy, Nat. I’ll brush this off as shock (but you better bring your A-game next time!). And I can’t blame you for being in a little stunned. That said, if you think this week was good, prepare yourself for more. I feel like every episode is leaving us on a HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY CONTINUE FROM THERE?! moments. As for next week? Let’s just say Carrie and Brody finally have some scenes together, and one involves a hotel room. Bonus tease: two people will share their first kiss.

HOLY S**T, Walking Dead! — James
Let me just say, I’m extremely when people send questions (or, in James’s case, expletive-ridden reactions) on the same night episodes air. That’s dedication! Thus, I must reward: I wouldn’t get attached to all the prisoners we met in the season premiere. But the ones who do live to see another day might surprise you. Bonus: MAJOR Lori and Rick moment in next week’s episode. In fact, it’s kind of brutal.

Hey Sandra. I’m a big Stokes fan. Can I get some Nick-centric CSI scoop? — Dani
Nick Stokes is going to get his by a major case of puppy love — literally. In the in Oct. 31 episode, Nick will find himself bonding with a dog from the K-9 unit while investigating the death of the pooch’s human companion. By the end of the episode (and after heaps of adorable moments), he might find himself in a committed relationship.

Sandra!! The first episode of The Vampire Diaries had me bawling just like your mom. Damon scoop would make me feel a LOT better. — Amanda
If episode 1 had you all weepy, just wait until the end of the second, when Damon has an unforgettable moment with someone of great importance to him. It will make you cry, laugh, and have a whole lot of hope for more moments like this to come. (This will all make more sense Thursday. I promise.)

Sandra, thanks for your Supernatural recaps! Any scoop on the Winchester boys or their trench coat-wearing Angel pal? — Emily
The Winchesters definitely experienced a set back when it came to tracking down the word of God, which, as you know, is going to help them padlock the gates of hell for-ev-er. Luckily, we know that they will have another pair of hands in the fight when Cas re-enters the human realm. (Yes, when.) But as Misha Collins teases, Cas’s involvement could put him in major danger. “I think that that’s sort of the pivotal object of the season, that’s what everyone is after from every realm,” he says. “Cas is definitely involved in that process and caught in the crossfire.”

Sons! PLEASE! — Lisa
Thought we’d seen the last of death on Sons? If so, you’re a fool! No less than three people are killed in Tuesdays episode. Two are significant (but nowhere near Opie-level important). Also, did someone say Joel McHale!? Yes, I did. Because he’s in this episode and you won’t believe who he’s hitting on…

Any news on my fave comedies? Modern Family, Parks and Rec, or The Office? –
On this week’s Modern Family, two members of the family will reveal issues with bullying. The twist? One of them is living with their tormentor. (Teens can be so cruel.).

Any HIMYM scoop? It’s been a while! — Sally H.
When Joe Manganiello returns to the show, prepare to see Brad rocking a look you haven’t seen from him before. (And I’m not just talking about his facial hair, which is new for the previously clean-shaven character.)

Gossip Girl’s final season just became SO much more awesome because of Katie Cassidy. But you skimped on the details, Sandra. Let’s get some more info! — Sarah
I pressed the lovely Cassidy for details after our Arrow chat above, but she too was under strict orders to stay mum. But she did share that her role in the final episode is “definitely a little scandalous.” “I think everyone may be surprised,” she says.

Hey, Sandra. You asked about my new favorite show: Mine’s Elementary! I’d love some scoop on Watson and Holmes! — Maggie
An upcoming episode will find Watson worried about Holmes after he fails to keep in contact with her. Her primary concern? Relapse.

I’d love some scoop on Mindy Project. Is this show growing on anyone else? — Michelle
Mindy’s new guy Josh has a big secret. And when it is revealed, Mindy’s going to have a very public confrontation with his secret [SPOILER].

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