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Hope Hurricane Sandy doesn’t end up being that bad up north, Sandra! Anything you can tease me about Booth and Brennan, please? — Amelia
With an empty room (Parker’s) and a friend in need of a place to crash after having a devastating break up (Sweets), B&B are going to get themselves a new roomie!

Now that Sweets and Daisy are no longer together, what’s next for them? — Ed
See above. But a question that will arise during the Nov. 5 episode? How long with this new arrangement last, especially after Booth walks in on Sweets during a…moment of exposure. (Additionally, I think this might be a milestone for the Sweets character. Well, at least I think so. Help me jog my memory: Has he ever been seen on-screen wearing only a towel?)

I don’t think it’s possible for me to love anything more than Parks and Recreation. (Maybe bacon.) And as thrilled as I am for Ben and Leslie, I’d love to know where they’re going with Ron and Diane. — Justine
I know there have been mixed feelings about this, but I like them, too, Justine! And according to executive producer Mike Schur, the idea to bring in a meaningful lady friend for our Swanson has been in the works for at least “a couple of years.” And going forward, he says, we’re going to see Ron trying to make room in his life for Diane and the girls — in his own Ron way.. “He’s a guy who probably hasn’t made any adjustments to his life in maybe 30 years in any meaningful way,” says Schur. “And he’s found a woman who’s important enough to him that he needs to make a couple of adjustments in terms of how he spends his time and what he cares about in order to make room in his lone wolf heart for two little girls and this woman he cares about. We’re going to follow that story for a while.” For Schur (and Ron, for that matter) Thursdays episode was a big turning point. “It was important for us to create an episode where he realized it was just as important in the world of manliness did something wrong as it is to be able to chop wood or make a steak.”

Last week’s American Horror Story was almost too much for me. Almost. Just give me a gauge: Is next week’s even worse? — Vicki
Any time an episode of a TV show takes place in the middle of an awful storm you can bet there’s an added creepy factor, and, indeed, there’s a storm a-brewin at Briarcliff this week. And if that sounds like a perfect chance for an escape, you’re not the only one. However, there are complications, and I can promise you that at least one of the attempted escapees will never attempt to flee ever again. Side note: Can we just take a second to acknowledge how much I hate the irony that the Oct. 31 episode takes place during a REAL storm? Someoneholdme

Two questions: 1. Was Thursday’s Big Bang Theory your favorite ever? And 2. got scoop?  — Margaret
Definitely top 10 and another that might reach the top of the list? An upcoming episode that will introduce us to Bernadette’s mom!

FRINGE!! How do you get BETTER AND BETTER every episode? I’m not ready to let it go. Nor was I ready to see Etta go. Scoop would be great, but I’d also really just like a hug. — Kate
You weren’t ready. I wasn’t ready. And you can bet Georgina Haig wasn’t ready either. In fact, she still had a lengthy list of to-dos! “I would have loved to touch on the Walter relationship a little more because Walter is such a beautiful character, and Etta warmed to him so quickly. I think she would have just adored getting to be around him more and learn from him,” she says. But there’s always a chance for a return, right? According to Haig, that seemed to be the sentiment on set when she left. And in retrospect, she sees a crucial plot point that could signal a return. “They kind of suggest that maybe I was going to teach my parents how to not be read by Observers, so I imagine if I wouldn’t have died I would have started teaching them,” she says.

Any chance Grimm will stop skirting Juliet and Renard?! Eager ‘shipper here! — Heather
Patience, my pretty! But in truth, I’m ready to see some major movement here. Luckily, Silas Weir Mitchell assures it’s coming. “It gets pretty crazy between the captain and Juliette soon. So stick around for that. There’s definitely some fireworks in that department,” he says.

Sandra, I love that you love Scandal as much as I do. But I haven’t seen any scoopage on Huck and his AA friend. Romance? — Leanne
We might be getting ahead of ourselves by suggesting romance — for now. But I will say that next Thursday’s all-new episode will see Huck taking his friend out on a date! And while it starts out pretty standard (awkwardness + fancy dinner) things quickly turn a little…unconventional.

Am I the only one watching Beauty & the Beast who wants scoop? I haven’t seen any here! — Sam
Actually, you ARE the first to request. Good for you. Every fandom needs a trailblazer. So I’ll try to give you something good: If you think you’ve seen everything Vincent can do, you’re wrong. In episode 9, there will be a significant development in his abilities: —h- -i—–.

Hi Sandra! I am loving Emily Owens, MD. She is me — minus the doctor part and the blond part and the crush on my co-worker part (kinda). But I love how awkward and all up in her head she is. She is so funny. So who else likes it? Any scoop on upcoming episodes? — Stephanie
Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe the situation Emily ends up in during episode 8, in which she finds herself on a blind date (courtesy of Cassandra). Though she starts off on a great foot (hello, makeover!) it doesn’t end well. In fact, it ends in the ER!

*BONUS* Rumor mill: A pair of CBS hour-longs are planning a crossover that — if it comes to fruition — will air during February sweeps. Any guesses?/Dream pairing? Hint: The equation does not include Made in Jersey. (That was mean.)


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