9 TV hits that should be flops


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Finding Bigfoot
Hit proof: Animal Planet’s series just returned to 1.3 million viewers. Not big numbers, but it’s a lot for Animal Planet, especially considering the next point I’m going to make.
Why it shouldn’t work: Spoiler alert: They’re never going to find bigfoot.
Why it does work: Successfully teases the viewer that there’s a Squatch right… around….that next… tree. Damn! Maybe the tree after that? Gotta give credit where it’s due: There wouldn’t be a Finding Bigfoot if not for Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, a huge hit by any cable standard, which pioneered this genre. Finding Bigfoot makes the list because it’s a fresher version of the same idea and, if anything, even more inexplicably a hit. Ghost Hunters and its knock-offs all use the same tricks, but at least viewers are motivated for the TAPS team to prove there’s an afterlife (because, you know, that would be nice). Not sure how humanity would benefit from seeing Bigfoot; it’s worth a week of CNN headlines at best. I’m now waiting for a Locating Loch Ness spin-off.



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