'Walking Dead' executive producer Robert Kirkman talks about tonight's show, 'Hounded'

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This is a real Comic Book Guy question — but do I gather that if someone swallows a tiny bit of zombie blood they won’t turn into one of the undead? There was a lot of it being sprayed around this episode.
Yeah, people to a certain extent think of zombie blood as being like the blood from Alien. You know, in the Alien movies it’s like, “Oh god, if it touches you, you explode!” or whatever. Whatever it is that turns these people into zombies is in them already. So the idea of getting zombie blood on your face, which happens all the time, and it turning you into a zombie is something that’s just not the case.

Now, that doesn’t make the zombie bite any less lethal. You know, breaking the skin, having that kind of contact with the toxicity that zombie mouths would have, would be something that causes an infection that definitely would lead to your death and then the thing that’s already in you would turn you into a zombie. So there is a science to this, to a certain extent.

Although, to be clear, you are not technically a scientist.
No. No, no, no. But I know about everything that scientists know, I’m pretty certain! But anyway, zombie blood is not quite as deadly as a lot of people think. I wouldn’t drink it in high volumes, though.

Carol is alive! And that’s good news, particularly as I believe it means you owe me $20.
I’ll send you some cash.

The “biter-gram” was a fantastic touch. Who’s idea was that?
You know what? I think it was Scott Gimple, the writer of the episode.

It was strangely, bleakly funny to me when, after Daryl told this long, woeful story about his mother, Carl one-upped him by pointing out that he’d just had to kill his own.
Yeah. It’s like Daryl’s trying to relate to him to a certain extent but then it’s like, “Oh wait, never mind!” We had a lot of fun with that moment.

Does Daryl have any nice childhood memories, do you think?
[Laughs] I’m sure he skipped some stones over a pond at one point. But the Dixon brothers have had a pretty hard time of it and I think that that’s led to a lot of their personality difficulties and…I guess I’m just going to say, “No. No, he hasn’t.”

What’s next?
What’s next? All kinds of awesome. This whole season has been about the group at the prison and the group at Woodbury. When are they going to meet? When are they going to interact? And I think that now that you’ve got Glenn and Maggie in Merle’s hands and then you’ve got Michonne in the prison, things are going to start ramping up and we’re going to start seeing these two groups clash. So look out for that kind of awesome.

You’ve made the prison look like most miserable place on the planet while Woodbury has a lovely, small town vibe to it. Given the choice I might well be thinking, “’F’ this prison, I’m moving to Woodbury.”
Well, the undercurrent in the prison is that these are good people and things are okay, despite it looking like crap.

“Things are okay.” Really?
Well, you know, to a certain extent, maybe. I look at it a little differently to other people, I’ll admit that.

That place doesn’t seem okay to me. At. All.
They’ve got, you know, baby formula now. They’re hanging out with a baby — that’s a lot of fun. They’ve got guard towers that you can play in. There is a basketball court. There’s no basketball court at Woodbury!

Is it possible the Woodbury-prison confrontation may take the form of a basketball game?
I’ll never tell!

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