'Revolution' creator talks fall finale, says second half is better than first -- EXCLUSIVE

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The show is taking a four-month hiatus until it returns in March. What are your feelings about that?
Kripke: I’m hopeful. One thing it really does that’s useful is it gives the writers a half-minute to breathe and really craft the second half of the season in a way it deserves. That’s an unprecedented luxury for me, to actually take a minute in the middle of the season and re-access without always being rushed toward deadline. And I think the show supports that cable format — run 10 in a row, take a break, and then run another 10. Creatively it worked out for us because the second half is such a different show than the first half. The second half really is a revolution, they’re starting this war. I hope the time off doesn’t dampen any viewers enthusiasm because we have bigger and better stuff coming.

Staging a revolution is a pretty big venture. Can you give us an idea of what specific characters will be focused on?
Kripke: Charlie and Miles are really going to be focused on the war against Monroe. Miles leading the rebels gives them a fighting chance and Charlie is right beside him. Rachel and Aaron will focus the ongoing mythology in terms of revealing why the lights go out. I can reveal now that we do reveal it, now that we’ve written that scene. And reveal how to turn them back on.

You’re not that deep into production on the second half of the season, so can we assume that revelation comes fairly early?
Yeah in the second half it happens sooner than anyone is thinking it will happen.

As the season went on, some characters got increased screen time like Nora and Rachel. While others like Jason and Danny were seen much less compared to the early episodes. Is that deliberate and will that continue after the break?
It’s actually not deliberate. I think we have something, like, 174 characters. When you’re servicing all the different storylines, certain stories take the front burner and others will move to the back. But it’s always shifting. Those two have stories [in the second half] that move them to the front burner.

Is there anything else you can tell us about what’s to come on Revolution?
Just that we think the second half of the season will be better than the first. Bigger, more dire, more emotional. It’s about launching this battle against Monroe in earnest and really questing to turn the power back on. It’s exciting for the writers to get past the smaller prologue of the story — which was to find Danny — and really moving to bigger, more exciting and more dangerous issues. We think the show is getting better and better.



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