Best of 2012 (Behind the Scenes): Sam Palladio on Gunnar & Scarlett's greatest 'Nashville' hits

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“I Will Fall,” written by Tyler James and Kate York: The complexities of “If Didn’t Know Better” gave us this starting point of intrigue, and that minor key was haunting. Then you switch to “I Will Fall,” a beautiful, simple melody song where we’re in this sweet harmony world. It’s major keys. It’s a soothing track, as opposed to a more emotion-driving song that “If I Didn’t Know Better” was. It’s a great little scene of the two of us attempting to forge that Scarlett-Gunnar relationship. We’ve taken their songwriting partnership away from the public domain of the Bluebird and into a domestic world when we find them singing that song, which, of course, causes instant conflict when Jonathan Jackson’s character, Avery, comes home and sees that connection the two of them have when it comes to music. They have this nice, sort of awkward energy around them when they’re talking to each other [Laughs] and then it comes to singing, and all those walls drop down, and they find themselves in this little bubble for a minute. Then that bubble instantly pops when Avery comes home and drops his keys on the table.

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