Best of 2012 (Behind the Scenes): Sam Palladio on Gunnar & Scarlett's greatest 'Nashville' hits

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“When the Right One Comes Along,” written by Justin Davis, Georgia Middleman, and Sarah Zimmermann: It’s an incredible song that’s written by a local songwriting duo, the Striking Matches [Davis and Zimmermann], and another great Nashville songwriter [Middleman] married to Gary Burr, who was the artist we all saw that fateful first night at the Bluebird. The Striking Matches just released an EP [on iTunes], and “When the Right One Comes Along” is a track on that. These two really are almost the real-life Scarlett and Gunnar — maybe minus the love square that’s going on. [Laughs] They’re a great young duo who sing beautiful harmonies together and have that real flavor that Scarlett and Gunnar’s music emulates. This song comes in an episode when Gunnar makes a lot of mistakes. There’s a moment where he makes a move on Scarlett that maybe should have been thought through some more. Later on that night, he sets up another Scarlett-and-Gunnar Bluebird open mic night session. They announce the two of them, and she refuses to go sing with him — even though they’ve written this song as a duet. So it’s the first time we actually see Gunnar singing one of their compositions up there by himself. It’s a really exposing moment for him. It has all the emotions that he’s going through, counterpointed with Scarlett rejecting him. The version on the cast recording is the duet version, which has some beautiful harmony work and is really interesting and unexpected. It’s not Gunnar doing it all alone, in a slightly different key.

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