Best & Worst of 2012: 10 great and 5 not-so-great episodes

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1. True Blood, ”Sunset” — Aug. 19, HBO
True Blood has 
 sold many improbable things. But nothing felt more ridiculous[MDASH]or painful — than hearing Sookie (Anna Paquin) yammer 
 on about Ke$ha 
 and Boyz II Men 
 in a magical 
 burlesque club. 
 If only it were 
 all just a vampire-blood-induced 
Tim Stack

2. The Newsroom, ”5/1” — Aug. 5, HBO
What aging hippie wrote this episode? See: Jeff Daniels’ stoner newsman Will playing ”Sunshine” on his guitar; Kelen Coleman’s Lisa trying to make ”It’s a gas!” happen; and Alison Pill’s Maggie quipping, ”Do not take a tone with me, American Gigolo!” But seriously: ”It’s a gas!”? Never gonna happen. 
 Melissa Maerz

3. How I Met 
 Your Mother, ”The Autumn 
 of Break-Ups” — Nov. 5, CBS
The ultimatum 
 Victoria (Ashley Williams) gave Ted (Josh Radnor) was ripped straight from Friends: Drop Rachel — sorry, Robin (Cobie ­Smulders) — or 
 else. The belabored journey toward the 
 mother is getting 
 exhausting. Are 
 we there yet? 
 Erin Strecker

4. Liz & DickNov. 25, Lifetime
While it may not technically be an episode, we can’t ignore Lindsay Lohan’s not-even-community-­theater-level performance as ­Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s TV movie. She was believable at waving cigarettes around and swilling prop vodka, but Lohan — poor girl — managed to succeed at little else. Tim Stack

5. New Girl, ”Models” — Oct. 23, Fox
Also known 
 as ”The One With the Ford Fusion.”
 In a halting scene, 
 Jess (Zooey Deschanel) — or ”Gigglebangs 
 Riceball,” if you 
 prefer — takes a modeling gig while a Ford flack rattles on like a human Carfax report. Modeling may be hard, but successful ”product integration” is even harder. 
 Ray Rahman

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