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Sandra! I miss Grimm. I can’t wait til March! I need scoop! How will Nick deal with this Juliette-Renard thing? I need something!!! — Ashley
Hopefully you’ve already seen the awesome Grimm trailer for a sneak peek, but in case you haven’t, I’ll let executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf elaborate: “Nick will deal with it by simmering and then coming to a violent boil,” says Greenwalt. “He will deal with this head on!!” Kouf agrees.

Any BBT scoop? — Jeff
According to the lovely Melissa Rauch, who was a vision at last night’s Golden Globes, Bernadette and Howard’s money issues are going to “come to a head” in an upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory. “Bernadette makes a lot more money than Howard now and we’re trying to figure out how the money should be split or spent,” she previews. “Hilarity ensues — as does a fight — in typical Big Bang style.” Meanwhile, EP Bill Prady says the BBT team is currently abuzz about the forthcoming Valentine’s Day episode. “There are a couple of couples that the holiday puts on a lot of pressure on,” he says. “In writing it, we all sat down and talked about horrible Valentine’s Days. We went through an inventory of personal romantic failings and I think we picked out some good stuff to inspire the episode.”

TVD scoop, pllleeaaaaassseee!! — Patti
If I were to re-titled Thursday’s episode, I’d call it “The Point of No Return” or “Rebekah, What Have You Done?!” Unrelated: How do we feel about this spin-off business?

Hi Sandra! I love @Gabriel_Mann so much! Can you ask him if someone is going to play Nolan’s mom? — @ean_nae
If you’ve had many questions about Nolan’s still unseen mother, join the club! Mann told me during our chat that he’s as eager as we are to see who finally lands the plum part. But he’s got some strong suggestions. “I’m dying to reveal the actress who approached me about playing my mom on the show, but I would be terribly afraid to jinx the possibility of it. But it’s actually no one anybody has guessed yet,” he says, saying he’s received suggestions like Candice Bergen and Donna Mills. “I don’t think it’s a direction anyone is expecting at this moment.”

Let’s have some Revolution scoop, Sandra! — Megan
Well, as the creators explained at the Television Critics Association press tour, the second half of Revolution will indeed focus on, well, the revolution aspect of the show. And with that, says star Tracy Spiridakos, comes not only a faster-paced show but “a little bit of a crazy battle.” “There’s going to be good guys versus bad guys…and some twists and turns will happen pretty quickly,” she says. As far as what awaits Charlie in the second half, Spiridakos says we’ll continue to see her grow into “quite the warrior” but the actress wonders of the stresses of her current situation may start to sully her good girl image. “I’m interested to see whether she’s going to be able to hold on to her humanity or not in the process of it all.”

Can I get some Shameless scoop? I’m so glad the show is back! — Samantha
Jimmy’s fireworks with his dad are going to come to a head in episode 4, after the elder is caught in bed with a member of the Gallagher crew — and I’m not talking about Ian.

Can you tell me ANYTHING about the Castle two-parter? — Ginny
Other than saying there were some “big, surprising” things in store, Seamus Dever was pretty mum when we caught up with him at the People’s Choice Awards. But he did reveal a nugget that will make fans of the dapper detective very happy. “I think later on in the season we’re going to find out some more about Ryan’s past,” he says. “So there’s an episode that’s going to be dedicated to that.”

ANY Arrow scoop would make my day. I’m mildly obsessed with Stephen Amell. — Suzie
Those mildly obsessed with Amell or Arrow should stayed tuned for a mildly insane episode, according to the ripped star. “We just wrapped probably our most ambitious episode yet. It’s called The Odyssey ,and it explores the island a lot,” he says. “The island story is really the second stanza of the show. We took a break after episode 9 and are back for 6 or 7 episodes before another little break. The island is a really really really big part of this moment.”

So I read that Brody is going to be in next season, which is great news! But anything else you can tell me about season 3? — Claudia
I can confirm that as of this afternoon, the writer’s room is back in session! (EP Alex Ganza told us about the return yesterday at the Globes.) And even though the wheels are just beginning to turn again at Homeland, EP Howard Gordon gave us a little preview of what’s in store: “It is a little bit of a reset,” he says, “but it is really promising at the same time.” Like season 2 — where new characters and ideas were introduced — he implied season 3 would do the same. “For instance,” he explains, “Quinn is an amazing character that had a really slow ramp up but a strong amazing finish.”

Any Suburgatory scoop? Loving my Chatswin gang! — Leah
The Feb. 6 will deliver a sight we never could have expected to see: Dallas…living in her car! Recession? Bed bugs? You’ll see…

Bones returns tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. Any spoils? — Stephanie
At some point in tonight’s double feature, there’s going to be a bit of a staffing shake-up that will affect one member of our core group. Also, I have two words for you: Jeffersonian Theater!

(With reporting by Lindsey Bahr and Carrie Bell.)


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