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So what did I think of The Following, Sandra? LOVED IT! Need more NOW! But scoop will also do… — Kristy
I wouldn’t get too attached to any of our investigative team, as one of them isn’t long for this world. Additionally, if you thought last night’s episode was gore-tastic, wait till you see what the person in the Poe mask does next week…

Smash scoop would be smashing. See what I did there? — Jenna
We all know that Ellis will not be appearing on this season of Smash, but I promise you, his name will come up in episode 3. And by the end of the episode, you’ll probably be screaming his name/tweeting in anger. Shall we decide on an angry hashtag to use now?

Hi Sandra! My first time writing to you! Can I please have some Banshee scoop, especially on Carrie/Lucas scoop, they are so hot together! Thank you. — Olivia
YES! Banshee is awesome. And I promise you that things only heat up from here on. Episode 9 is going to be especially good — but not for good reasons. In the episode, Carrie is going to be anything but pleased with Lucas after someone she loves ends up smack in the middle of his feud with Rabbit.

I’m so excited about Piper Perabo on Go On. Anything for this fellow Covert Affairs fan, Sandra? — Amber
Despite major sparks between Matthew Perry’s Ryan and Perabo’s Simone, their connection will hit a major snag in the Jan. 29 episode. Let’s just say he commits what some might consider the sin of sins: After being invited to a hotel for a rendezvous, Ryan abandons her naked in the shower. But what causes him to cut and run? Ghosts…I’m serious.

Justified theory: Is Ellen May going to die soon? I just feel like her days are definitely numbered. — Nikki
You’ll find out in episode four exactly what Boyd and Ava’s plans are for her. But be warned: It won’t go as planned.

Any more details on Aidan’s love interest Kat on Being Human? He was so cagey in his interview! — Sasha
That’s because Kat — who is a human — is anything but a simple love interest. I’ll just say that things are more complicated than you can imagine. “We do some very interesting things this year — things that when I read in the script I said, ‘We’re going to do this!?’ We did things this season that I never thought we were going to do,” Sam Witwer told me.

Anything on Jimmy and Sabrina’s wedding on Raising Hope? — Melissa
The Jan. 29 affair will be one to remember. Let’s just say on a scale of William and Kate to April and Andy, it ranks about Jim and Pam on the class level. Totally respectable. But one thing none of those weddings had that Jimmy and Sabrina’s will: a surprise wedding crasher! And when I say it’s a surprise, trust me, you won’t see it coming.

Hey Sandra! You promised to post more White Collar scoop! Where are they? — Anna
Keep an eye on my Twitter account today and I’ll tweet the story once complete!

We could sense a little sexual tension between Juliette and Liam since the last episode of Nashville, anything you can tease about that? — Anjelia
I’ll tell you this much, it’s not going to be Liam and Juliette that the paparazzi are interested in later this season. But on the Juliette front, someone new will be coming into her life soon — her mom’s sober companion, who is going to cause the singer to open up in ways we’ve never seen. Hint: It involves a heartbreaking story about her childhood and a dark confession.

Hi Sandra. Do you watch The Mindy Project? If so, I’m wondering what’s going to happen between Danny and Eye Patch Girl (Allison Williams’ character). I like them together, but I’m also not shy about wanting Danny and Mindy to happen eventually, too. Scoop? Thoughts? — Leigh
I’ll tell you this much, Chris Messina, who plays Danny, is as torn as you are on the whole Danny/Mindy issue. Are they a Sam and Diane? Or are they meant to be best friends? Long term, he says, he’s in the dark, but adds, “it’s kind of fun not to know.” “[I] think they’ll always get annoyed with each other and get snippy with each other [but] I think there is love and respect there,” he says. “This is high comparisons but we strive for Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn or something like Moonlighting. It’s fun to have that back and forth, but it’s also fun to sort of come to her defense or her some to my defense, as you’ll see if you keep watching the show. I’m curious where it goes.” His answer was short on scoop, I know. So here’s a bit for you: Someone wants Danny’s sperm — to make babies, in case that wasn’t clear. And the shocker? He agrees.

I’m a big CBS comedy girl. So anything on HIMYM, BBT or 2 Broke? — Nikki
Max and Caroline have faced many foes on their path to success but here’s one they probably could have never seen coming: a puppeteer. In an upcoming episode, the two will encounter a man with a sick obsession with marionettes who plans to sue the girls for damages after injuries are sustained. Did I mention the injuried party is a puppet?

Hey, Sandra. I never got my Archer scoop! C’mon! Any little bit will do. — MadatYou
Episode 4 of this season broke my list of top 10 episodes of all time, and you might feel the same way. In this episode, Archer and his stepfather Ron have to outrun some gangsters after Ron rescues Archer from Canada. More importantly, I ask: What makes Archer so angry that he makes Woodhouse eat a bowl of spiders? Sincerely, We’reSquare.

Any final scoop for Private Practice fans? — Kaitlyn
No. But for the past week, I’ve been working with the incredibly wonderful KaDee Stirckland to bring you a series of behind the scenes videos from her final weeks on set. If you haven’t watched them, please do so.

(Jeff Labrecque contributed to this column.)


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