8 TV gripes you should quit complaining about

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Worth it.

“I won’t pay HBO to watch Game of Thrones!”

Game of Thrones costs about $6 million per episode and HBO wants you to subscribe to their service to see it. What greed! What arrogance! Don’t they know that all content should be free in our 21st century utopia? … Okay, gripers have a point. Premium services like HBO, Showtime and Starz need to evolve their distribution and online access so fans can watch programs via different mediums right after their U.S. premieres. HBO, in particular, is a money truck and not eager to radically shake up their business model to make dragon lovers happy. But I’m referring to fans with attitudes like this: “HBO forces me to steal Game of Thrones via BitTorrent because otherwise I have to pay to watch the whole channel.” Even in this shiny digital age, not all content is a la carte. If you subscribe to Spotify, there’s millions of songs that you’re not listening to. And if you want to watch the upcoming season of Arrested Development, you still have to subscribe to Netflix. So you’re never going to actually watch Couples Retreat; it doesn’t mean HBO is robbing you. By the way, you really should avoid Couples Retreat.



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