8 TV gripes you should quit complaining about

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It’s magic. And if you have any other questions … it’s magic.

“The Lost finale sucked!”

Wise readers commenting below suggested adding this entry to the list. I probably didn’t think of it before because, frankly, I need to get over this too. Lost fans didn’t need an answer to every question. But many wanted a clearer and more satisfying answer to the show’s central question: What is the island? (Expressed by Charlie at the end of the pilot as, “Guys, where are we?”). We expected a closer that lent more clarity to the whole series — a real headline-worthy ah-ha! revelation beyond solving the final season’s purgatory flashes. Instead we were left with the nagging sense that Lost was just a string of intriguing yet largely unrelated attention-getting hooks. Here’s why we need to get over it: Lost lacked an awesome climax but it was great in the sack for years. The ABC hit redefined serialized dramas, revived sci-fi on TV, and kept us entertained week after week (for free!). Also, at least the Lost team tried mightily to craft a conclusion that pleased fans. The Sopranos’ creative cop-out finale? Still totally worth griping about.



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