'Community': New producers give you character teases for season 4, talk Chevy Chase and finale

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Jeff (McHale)
PORT: Meets his father (played by James Brolin) and manages to put it behind him and move on.
GUARASCIO: Jeff’s always had one foot out the door of Greendale, and now he’s realizing it’s time to pull the other foot out. What does that mean?

Troy (Donald Glover)
PORT: First real mature relationship with Britta.
GUARASCIO: The lessons you learn from a real relationship can be bittersweet.

Abed (Pudi)
GUARASCIO: Facing his greatest nightmare that the thing that he put together might not last forever… Because he’s the character who’s had the hardest time with change, he maybe unexpectedly rises to the occasion this year.

Pierce (Chase)
GUARASCIO: The end is near in a much more dire way than for any of other character can possibly contemplate. He sees the real end. Not just the end of school. And that cloud is following him around…. Pierce has always had a hard time seeing how he fits into the group exactly and no truer that than this year.

Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown)
GUARASCIO: A season in which the fact that she’s the rational center to the universe gets more and more cemented… She’s the person that everyone wants to go for guidance because her life seems figured out. But it doesn’t mean people want to listen to her advice. And that’s frustrating for Shirley.
PORT: Academically Shirley is a little more competition for Annie than Annie may have first realized.

Britta (Gillian Jacobs)
PORT: Britta continues to pursue the psychology thing, but there will be somewhat of a return to her strong, feminist viewpoint.
GUARASCIO: The notion of Britta-ing something, where you screw up in the most unexpected way beyond repair? She may just take that back…
One of the interesting things is seeing Jeff grow as he does in this year of change. He’s becoming the guy Britta always wanted him to be, but Britta is in this relationship with Troy. So it’s a complicated situation.

Annie (Alison Brie)
PORT:  Someone who’s so controlling and so organized has to be open to the fact that all plans have to change. Sometimes they go terribly awry, and sometimes when everything falls apart is when the best stuff can come around… You change a lot during the course of college and maybe no one more so than Annie.

Dean Pelton (Jim Rash)
PORT: He embarks on a new relationship with Jeff. It’s not romantic, but they take the relationship to the next level… This is a season that brings him more into the group than past seasons.
GUARASCIO: Who is going to have the hardest time with Jeff moving on? It turns out to be Dean Pelton.

Chang (Ken Jeong)
GUARASCIO: It’s the three Rs: Resurrection. Redemption. Revenge?

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