'The Walking Dead': Robert Kirkman talks about tonight's show

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Going back, I feel we doubled or tripled our knowledge about the Dixon brothers and the nature of their relationship with the sequence in which we saw Daryl’s scars.
Yeah. It’s great having them together now so that we can start peeling those layers back and showing you more of who they are and how they became who they are. We like being able to take these moments with Daryl and say, “Oh, here’s this character that we know you all love and here’s a little bit more to him.” He’s got a really sad past and we’ve only seen pieces of that.

We only saw a glimpse of his back. Are those whip marks?
Yeah, yeah. It’s definitely the result of many severe beating.

But that really is Norman Reedus’ back tattoo, right?
Yes. [Deadpanning] Actually, those scars are his too. He actually did that just for the show. He was going ‘method.’

Well, speaking of which, I know that Andrew Lincoln does method it up a bit. Given that his character is in such a bleak place, what was he like to be around when you filmed these shows?
Andrew Lincoln is amazing. When I’m on set for filming, he’s intense. He has to do these really intense scenes, so he will sit off to the side with his headphones and listen to music. I’ve sometimes had conversations with him where I’m like, “Oh, oh, oh, you are preparing for this scene that you have to shoot in thirty seconds and I’m interrupting you, I’m very sorry.” He’ll do push-ups and jumping jacks and punch things and scream and all kinds of crazy stuff in preparation for those scenes.

Maybe that’s just his reaction to you trying to hang out with him.
You know what? Now that I think about it, everyone does that when I try to talk to them on set. I just realized that. Holy crap!

There was a very intense scene between Glenn and Maggie.
Yeah. Glenn is having a hard time dealing with what he believes happened, or what he knows happened. I think that this is him projecting his frustration over what happened to him and how he was helpless to save Maggie, or do anything there. It’s coming out in really odd ways. And I think it’s the matter of the tension of the looming Woodbury threat coming out in a relationship-damaging way that I’m sure he wishes he could prevent but it’s something that’s out of his control.

Finally, this show confirmed that Carol really does have the worst luck with men.
[Laughs] Yeah, yeah. That poor woman. Things just aren’t going well for her. But she’ll someone else eventually. And then they’ll die too!

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