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Moving on to Boyd’s side of this: After Cassie came into the bar looking for Ellen May, who’d tried to reach out to her, Ava and Boyd weren’t sure if Ellen May was alive or if Cassie was trying to shake them down. Colt went to see Cassie, and Gutterson, who’d been following Colt because he suspected Colt was involved in the deaths of his friend Mark and the drug dealer, saved Cassie. Boyd, having heard about Colt from Johnny, convinced Gutterson to let Colt leave with him. Boyd took Colt back to the bar to question him. Why didn’t Boyd kill him?
The big reason was Devil betrayed Boyd and was going to kill him; Colt screwed up and didn’t tell him. There was nothing malicious about it. He wasn’t trying to hurt Boyd. He wasn’t betraying him the way Johnny is with Duffy. So that was critical. I think he feels for Colt, being a vet himself, and he can see that Colt is struggling and he made a miscalculation by bringing him on, but there was no ill will. Walton loved that scene on the page, and then he got to the stage and had second thoughts about certain things, and they sat with him and ran it through, and it ended up coming back to pretty much the way it was written. The whole giving Colt the gun and making him show Boyd where he shot Ellen May, when I read that, I just thought that’s fantastic. By that point, Boyd knows what’s going on, so we know the gun’s not loaded. But Boyd was wondering if he was gonna hear a click. Was Colt gonna try [to shoot him]? In which case, Boyd would’ve killed him. But he didn’t.

So what position does Colt have in Boyd’s army now? Boyd needs man power, but he knows Colt isn’t at the top of his game?
That becomes part of the story of ten, and then also into eleven and twelve as well.

I liked that scene between Gutterson and Cassie. Was that starting something, or just a way to get at why Tim didn’t shoot Colt (“When I take him down, his eyes will be clear”)?
You’ll have to see. By which I mean there is another Cassie-Tim scene coming. It’s not super-romantic, but at least there’s something. Poor Cassie. She says, “It’s been a while since anyone’s shown me any kindness.” It’s been a rough spell for her.

It sounded like Boyd wanted to buy that house for Ava. Did he?
We will see that house again.

Ava’s great line to the realtor, “Thank you very much, we don’t need your s—” — was that scripted?
That was scripted and something that dear Joelle did with relish. We enjoy that class friction and that hypersensitivity they both have.

Boyd sent Ava away when it became clear that Ellen May was, in fact, still alive and trying to reach Cassie. But I don’t think anyone believes she’d actually leave.
Oh, no. She goes. She goes away. But the question is: How far does she go? And where does she go? You find out in episode 10. And episode 10 will have the surprise return of a beloved character, and that’s all I’ll say.

Ava told Boyd, “I should have killed her myself,” and Boyd said, “It may come to that.” An exchange we should remember?
It’s funny, in editing, that was in, it was out, it was in, and then it stayed in. Yes, that does mean something.

After Boyd heard from Colt that he’d talked to Shelby about Ellen May, Boyd went to Shelby’s house, and Raylan and the authorities were there waiting. Did they arrest Boyd for breaking and entering?
At the start of ten, you’ll see that he’s in custody but not in jail. Because once Boyd realizes why Raylan is there and says “Drew Godd— Thompson,” Raylan doesn’t want him running off and telling the Detroit mob who Drew is.

It was interesting that when Boyd arrived at Shelby’s house, we didn’t see Ellen May. What happens to her now that Shelby/Drew is on the run?
It is interesting, isn’t it? One would wonder where Ellen May is now. Very early on in episode 10, you’ll see. When Shelby grabbed Ellen May at the end of 404, and then we find out in 405 that he’s got her, we had no idea that he was Drew at that point. We had scripted that before we knew, and that ends up having great stuff we can really play with. That’s just one of the things working on this show — throwin’ a lot of stuff up in the air and then just seein’ what sticks, what we want to follow. That also means that there are a few balls that get dropped, a few things that we didn’t quite do as well as we might have in the course of the season. But then there’s other stuff that materializes, and I’m willing to make that deal.

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