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I’m so glad to hear that OUAT isn’t planning on recasting the Mad Hatter. But anything else you can report about the spin-off possibilities? — Tina
While talk of a possible spin-off was definitely “premature,” Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis told me at PaleyFest that they might do some test footage at the end of the year. “But the idea is not a spin-off in the traditional sense — another five-year, 22-episode series,” says Kitsis. “It’s much more in the vein of an American Horror Story, with a beginning, middle, and end.”

Snow looked SO pissed in this week’s episode. Can you tell me anything about this Snow/Regina feud on OUAT? — Laurel
Oh, you haven’t even seen it reach a full boil yet. After this week, “the gloves are going to come off,” says Horowitz. “It’s not going to be pretty for a little while. … It’s just a freight train from here on out.”

PaleyFest didn’t give enough Once finale scoop! Help me out! — Clara

One word: Game-changer. “It’s up to the audience how they’re going to take it,” Horowitz said. “But we’re really excited as storytellers for how we leave this season.” Kitsis adds that the theme of this season has always been the price of magic, and in the finale “we’ll see that get paid … whether that’s death or something worse.”

I haven’t seen anything on The Mentalist in a long time! Scoop is appreciated! — Kimmy
Sunday’s episode marks the return of Lorelei, who comes back very determined to find out if Red John had a role in her sister’s death. And while she does get closure on the matter in the episode, it comes at a very high cost.

Any Parks and Rec scoop? — Diane
Next Thursday’s episode, titled “Bailout,” will reveal April’s next possible career step. The problem? She needs a letter of recommendation from Ann — and April will not be happy about what Ann wants in return. Meanwhile, there’s a big development in Ann’s search for a baby-daddy.

I don’t think I’m the only person who’s worried that The Walking Dead is going to have another “farm season” next year. Anything to soothe my worries? — Tom
Gale Anne Hurd does. “There will be action and there will be bloodshed,” she promises. “But it’s also going to take us places that we haven’t gone before. It will have scope. People don’t have to worry that it’s getting smaller. It’s getting bigger.”

Can you tell me about next week’s Dallas?! — Mary
Bring tissues — and a right-hook! In the true spirit of J.R, his funeral is a booze-filled affair that gets a little rowdy after an unexpected guest riles up the crowd. (For the second time in this column, I say: Fight, fight, fight!) Meanwhile, Sue Ellen will read the letter — and what it reveals will break your heart. It involves a question. Do NOT miss this ep.

I really enjoyed Colton Haynes on Arrow, but (comic nerd warning) I’m curious if they’re going to delve into the fact that Roy Harper has a drug past. Any intel? — Leslie
That’s actually one of Haynes’ burning questions, too, and he’s as anxious as you are for answers. “They [did] get into the fact that his mom was into it, but Roy Harper is one of the only DC comic character with a heavy drug past, so it will be interesting if they take it that way,” he says.

OK! OK! OK! With the New Girl season finale nearing, Jake Johnson says we’ve only seen the tip of the Nick-Jess action this season, and he’s excited about the possibilities. “I don’t know if they are actually ready to date, but I love that we are exploring it,” he says. “They gotta start getting together. And there is so much to play with. What if they tried dating? What would happen? If they fall in love, what would happen? What happens if they then break up or date other people? I’m glad we are getting to it. It is time. … Not that we are going to jump all in like next week or something.” Although, if they ever did try to jam that into one episode, I would be curious to see. (#nevergoingtohappen)

Any Hart of Dixie scoopage? — Jenni
We all know that Dr. Zoe Hart is a skilled physician, but an upcoming episode is going to find the doc showing her lifesaving skills in the air. Airlines should really give you complimentary Silver Status for stuff like that…

I’m a die-hard USA fan. Psych, Suits, White Collar, Royal Pains — I’ll take something on any of them! — Tara
In an early season 5 episode of Royal Pains we’re going to meet Milos, Boris’ outgoing cousin, who shares more than Boris’s surname; he also has the same genetic disease.

SO HAPPY The Mindy Project was renewed! Can we have some scoop to celebrate? — Lauren
An upcoming episode is going to find Mindy taking in a young protege named Katie, whose first day duties will include comforting Mindy, who receives some bad personal news; accompanying the doctor to a frat party; and watching her work a stripper pole.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions for the cast and creative team, shoot me a note to spoilerroom@ew.com by Friday afternoon!

(Lindsey Bahr and Carrie Bell contributed to this report.)


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