Death Watch: Spring TV survival predictions

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Revolution (5.0): One of the few freshman success stories this season. This lights will stay on.

Animal Practice: Cancelled after four episodes

Chicago Fire (2.4): A 10 p.m. NBC drama that sometimes wins its time slot in the dead of winter? We’re surprised it hasn’t been renewed already.

Community (1.6): If the Greendale clan is lucky enough to get another season, it will be a short final semester.

Deception (1.7): Poor-man’s Revenge with poorer ratings. Not hopeful.

Do No Harm: Cancelled

Grimm (2.7): An easy call.

Law & Order: SVU (2.2): At NBC this season, if a show isn’t prompting crying in the network’s hallways, it’s safe.

Off Their Rockers (1.7): It’s a cheap, hole-patching, primetime spackle so yes — it will probably come back.

30 Rock (1.9): Final season

Go On (2.6): Recent ratings suggest that Go On and New Normal will not return, but we expect their odds to improve after they gain a Voice lead-in this spring.

The New Normal (2.2): See Go On.

Guys with Kids (1.5): Daddy might want to look for a new job, just in case.

Parenthood (2.8): After this season’s critically-acclaimed season and solid ratings performance, a renewal is certain.

Parks & Recreation (2.1): Knope expected to get a “Yes.”

Smash (1.4): The fat lady has sung.

Celebrity Apprentice (1.7). Sunday’s return did poorly, but NBC is more likely to blame the all-star conceit. Expect a return next year.

The Biggest Loser (2.7): Jillian Michaels didn’t muscle up better ratings this season, but we still expect a renewal.

The Office (2.8): Final season

Rock Center With Brian Williams (1.0): Nothing NBC has done with this show has made much sense so … yes, it will probably return.

The Voice (5.2): RENEWED

Up All Night (1.7): The last original episode aired in December and a creative overhaul was announced. Christina Applegate quit. Will Arnett booked a new pilot. Maya Rudolph is looking for a variety show. At some point you stop trying to put out a fire and just let the house burn down.

Whitney (1.5): We almost listed this as cancelled before realizing our mistake. It feels like it already is. And yet, we don’t know how to break this to you, but it’s actually got a shot.

1600 Penn (1.5). Soon to be sequestered.



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