'The Walking Dead': Robert Kirkman previews rest of season 3; says 'there may be a casualty or more'

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Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

EW: Michonne was able to make a connection with Carl this week. Is she becoming more a part of the group?
KIRKMAN: Definitely. That was by design. I think Rick took her on that trip to feel her out and get to know her better and test to see if she was the type of person that would be a valuable member of that group, or if she was going to continue to be somewhat problematic. And I think he got a very positive answer out of that and Carl was a big part of that. And coming out of that trip, I think she’s going to be a much more integral welcomed part of this group who will continue to become more invested in this cause and be a contributing member.

EW: You made us wait 30 episodes to bring Morgan back. So now we can reset the clock on me asking you that same question all over again: Are we going to be seeing Morgan again?
KIRKMAN: We definitely didn’t kill him, so he’s still alive and still out there. We checked in on him. Whether or not that’s the end of Morgan’s story, or we check on him again, or he shows up later at some point in a surprising fashion remains to be seen. But he’s definitely still out there so the possibilities are wide open.

EW: You guys are big on there being repercussions so that the action feels real. If there is a big battle or zombie attack, people often die. With this confrontation really gearing up, should we then assume that not every character is going to make it out of the season alive?
KIRKMAN: I’m afraid there may be a casualty or more still to be experienced by the end of this season. We’ll see.

EW: Will this Woodbury vs. the prison storyline be resolved by the end of the season? Season 1 was the set up and going to the CDC, season 2 was about the farm, and season 3 has been the prison and Woodbury. Should we expect a new setting next season?
KIRKMAN: That would certainly appear to be settling into a cycle. I don’t want to give anything away because we have some really cool stuff planned for the finale, but I will say that there is a resolution to the storyline at the end of the season, as people would expect. It becomes a whole complete story that you’ve been able to experience over the course of season 3. And It will set things up nicely for season 4. There are new places to go in season 4, but whether or not that means a new setting or new story direction or simply new characters I can’t really nail down any specifics.
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