'Justified' EP Graham Yost talks 'Get Drew' (and Tarantino and 'Brady Bunch' homages) in our weekly postmortem

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How did you decide to bring back Limehouse (Mykelti Williamson), who Ava went to when Boyd told her she needed to leave until the Ellen May situation was resolved?
That idea just came into the room. I told Mykelti at the beginning of the season, because we’re old friends from Boomtown, “I don’t know if you’re coming back, but we’re certainly talking about it because we love you and love what you’ve done with Limehouse.” We just felt this pull to get up into Noble’s, and we knew that this was a place where Ava had hidden out in the past. We also knew that one of the whores in the previous season had been giving information to Limehouse, so we knew there was a connection there for Ellen May. It all made sense.

Drew took Ellen May to Limehouse, thinking he could pay him to keep her safe and then get her out-of-town, but Limehouse already knew Shelby is Drew. How?
The big thing that Limehouse has is an intelligence network. Last season, he always seemed to know what was going on before everyone else did. So our supposition is that he’s got someone who, for a little bit of money, gets him information from the sheriff’s, the police department, a Statie, something like that. So while law enforcement was trying to keep a lid on the fact that Shelby is Drew, someone on his payroll found that out and told him.

After Boyd told Ava that Ellen May and Drew were with her at Limehouse’s, Limehouse brought Ellen May in to see Ava.
I loved the way Joelle played it — both terrified of this girl, and yet not really betraying anything, playing it very straight. And Ellen May being Ellen May, she is just a naif. She’s not the whore with a heart of gold; she’s the whore with a certain level of innocence. Not in all her scenes, but at this point — post-church — she’s been kind of innocent. So we loved that odd pairing of the two of them in this context. It was really all to drive toward Ava’s last line: “How much for the both of them?” When we hit on that, it really landed. That’s a great line for Ava.

How did you decide on the figure Limehouse asked for — $150,00 each?
We knew that Boyd had gained $300,00 from the Clover Hill guys. We thought that’s something that Limehouse, through his intelligence network, would also know. So he’s just cleaning Boyd out.

Which is why Boyd asked Nicky Augustine for $500,000.
Right. That’s classic Boyd.

The scene between Teri (Cathy Baron) and Johnny was great, when she’s just tired of everyone talking about Ellen May.
That’s what we call our “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” scene.

And then Johnny agreed to help Raylan get Drew. That’s an interesting move because it doesn’t get Johnny any closer to grabbing Drew for Duffy, it just keeps Boyd from delivering him to Nicky Augustine and Theo.
This is one of those scenes where we debate back and forth: How much do we want to lay out, and how much do we want the audience to put together? Johnny figures out, and Raylan figures out, that it’s in Johnny’s best interest for Raylan to get Drew rather than Boyd. Because if Boyd gets him, then Boyd’s a made man. Johnny can never take him down. If Raylan gets him, and that will hamstring the Detroit outfit, Boyd will have no protector, and it sorta opens all that up again.

Johnny’s in trouble, too, with Wynn, but Boyd’s in worse trouble because he’s dealing directly with Nicky and Theo?
Right. And to an extent, Johnny could imagine that by Theo being taken down, that would also solve a lot of things for Wynn. There’s the problem of working for someone as powerful as Theo Tonin, which is he can have you killed at any time. But if he’s gone, then things could kinda just go back to the way things were.

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