'The Walking Dead': Robert Kirkman talks about last night's fatalities-filled season finale

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Towards the end of the show we saw a busload of older folks and kids being relocated to the prison. Obviously, the Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows in the 18-49 age bracket. Is this an attempt to draw in more of the AARP crowd?
We want everyone! I like to think there were younger, more able-bodied people sitting at the back of the bus who hadn’t gotten out yet. But it was the entire population that was left of Woodbury that was brought in and most of those people are the ones that didn’t go to war.

Why didn’t everyone just move to Woodbury? The prison has got bad memories, bad defenses—I’m guessing the plumbing is not top notch.
That’s something we’ll definitely be dealing with in season 4. But just off the top of my head I would say that, knowing the Governor is still out there, and knowing he knows Woodbury like the back of his hand, it would probably be not too safe to set up shop in his hometown. But it’s possible that that’s something we’re exploring next season.

So is the Governor now just governing Martinez?
Yeah. They’ve got a tree fort somewhere and he’s making few new rules. It’s a new place called New Woodbury. “Come here! Live with us! You’re safe!”

How worried should we be about Carl?
Very worried! Growing up in this world is not doing that guy a lot of good and it’s taking him to some very dark and interesting places and I think, coming back for season 4, Rick’s going to have a hard time reeling that guy in and trying to find a shred of that kid’s humanity and bringing it to the forefront.  Because that guy’s taken a dark turn.

What stage are you at now with season 4?
I think, as of today, we’re halfway done writing. We’ve got almost half of the scripts in for the season and we start shooting in May and things are going really well. We’re very much knee-deep into it. I’m happy that these episodes have finally aired so that I don’t have secrets from season 3 and secrets from season 4 to keep. Now I can just keep it straight and not say anything about season 4 and that’ll be easy to do.

The show is so successful. How often do you lie in the bath daydreaming about Walking Dead: The Movie?
[Laughs] Hardly ever. It certainly seems like something which is on people’s radar. But right now we’re just focusing on making the show as awesome as possible. Who knows what the future holds? I don’t even take baths. I shower.

What can we expect from season 4?
Season 4 is all about change. We’re going to see a lot has changed in the prison. I think a lot has changed with these characters. I think we’re going to see a very different Rick with very different motives and we’ll see how this conflict with Woodbury and the death of Andrea has affected everybody. And we’ll see a lot of new elements, as we do on every season of the Walking Dead. It’s going to be exciting and different and cool but it’ll still have zombies with it. It’ll still have the things that everybody loves.

So you’re definitely sticking with the zombies, then?
I can confirm, exclusive to Entertainment Weekly, that there will be zombies in season 4.

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