'Awkward.': Beau Mirchoff, Molly Tarlov tease teaming up, plenty of shirtlessness in season 3

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Speaking of love triangles, even though the Matty-Jake-Jenna love triangle is finished, there’s still a bit of a challenge from Jake, who communicates with Jenna much more easily than Matty. How does that play out?
Mirchoff: You’d think it would. Matty’s not jealous of Jake. He wants to be more like Jake when he tells Jenna, ‘I wish it was easy for us.’ It’s very simple for Jake, and he wants that. Matty has to think about things, and he gets insecure. But that doesn’t affect Matty and Jake’s relationships. That’s water under the bridge. They have short memories. They love each other. They’re dudes. There’s no animosity whatsoever between them.
Tarlov: I think a lot of this season is different people defining what kind of relationships they want to have. We all go through that in high school, and perhaps after high school, where you’re in all types of relationships, and every relationship is different. There’s the kind of Jake and Tamara, where they’re obsessed with each other and so out-there. There’s a little bit more romantic relationship like Jenna and Matty have, which is less friendly as it is…
Mirchoff: Passionate.
Tarlov: Yeah. We’ll see everyone kind of defining and redefining their relationships.

Where does Sadie fit into that?
Tarlov: Sadie will have a new romance this season. I’m really excited. I was totally smitten when I was reading it. [To Mirchoff] I think you liked it, too.
Mirchoff: It’s wonderful.
Tarlov: Also, Sadie and Matty spend a lot more time together this season. Sadie was unsure whether she wanted to let anybody in last season. Ricky was so persistent and kind of suave and charming that she finally let her guard down, which perhaps didn’t work out in her favor. She’s going to have to break that down again.

We didn’t get to see any Sadie art at Ricky’s exhibition, by the way.
Tarlov: I think Sadie pulled her stuff from the gallery.
Mirchoff: Matty bought it all.

Back in season 2, we saw you two kiss. This season, will there be any more Sadie-Matty heat?
Mirchoff: Maybe some friction. [Laughs] Matty and Sadie have known each other for a long time. They understand each other. They may not agree with each other all the time, but they definitely know each other. There are some moments this season when they’re both feeling alone, isolated, and worthless. They’re able to help each other through those times.
Tarlov: Sadie feels very protective of Matty, so that affects her relationship with Jenna — and his relationship with Jenna.

What is the most unexpected thing we’ll see from your characters this season?
Mirchoff: For Matty, you’ve gotten to know him through the first two seasons in a certain way. The third season is a little bit of a 180 — maybe not a 180, maybe like a 110. He becomes kind of romantic and passionate and comfortable with his relationship. He’s in love, and he’s okay with it. He wants what’s best for him and for Jenna. I think you’ll be able to root for him a little bit this year.
Tarlov: Ummm, yeah. As if we weren’t rooting for him before! On the other hand, I think that some people who hate Sadie might like her a little bit.
Mirchoff: You get to see some depth in Sadie. This year in particular, you really start liking Sadie. You see she’s extremely flawed below it all, and [she has] motives in what [she’s] doing — everything isn’t just vindictive. It’s for someone sometimes.

Awkward. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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