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After that heartcrushing Booth & Brennan ending on the season finale of Bones, I now need to know when that vile Pelant gets captured/killed so B&B can get re-engaged, do you know any timeframe? Nov sweeps? thx. — jessica A 
Other than what I told you in my post-mortem, no. But we have all summer to squeeze more specifics out of Stephen Nathan. Meanwhile, in addition to Pelant returning sometime in the first half of the season, he promises there will be another return early next year: Parker and Daisy! “We probably will see Parker come back probably in the first half of the season because he’s been gone quite a while,” Nathan dishes. “It’s been a fully packed season  so it’s been difficult to fit in all the characters we want to fit in.” He adds, jokingly: “There are parts of [the characters’] lives we don’t see. So booth is in regular contact with his son in the same way we never saw Jack Bauer charge his cell phone, it must have been charged at some point because it always worked.”

Are we going to understand more about this “home office” business on Once before the end of the season? Who’s pulling the strings? Etc.? — Lindsay
You will find out this season, according to executive producers Edward Kitsis, but “hopefully it’s not what you think.” “When you find out who the home office is, you will find out what they want but you won’t know the whys,” he says. (And if you haven’t seen the sneak peek from Sunday’s episode, in which the “home office” is first mentioned, watch it here.)

Community, please! — Danny 
Tonight’s episode, “Heroic Origins,” is going to be a very memorable one. Not only will we learn — as the title hints — more about everyone’s background but someone from the gang will emerge as an unexpected villain. (You’ll see what I mean…)

Any update on the Modern Family finale? I haven’t heard much… — Sara 
The finale finds the family traveling down to Florida after Phil’s mother passes away. And while there are the normal antics you might expect (Phil reluctantly plays matchmaker, Jay reunites with an old flame and Alex is stumped by a mystery gift), there is one highlight. A storyline involving Mitchell and Gloria going to court to fight an old charge leads one of them to making a significant life decision.

Any Kensi and Deeks scoop? – Ryan
I’m told the NCIS: LA finale contains a “massive, massive” moment between the two that’s going to change them both. More soon in my full chat with executive producer Shane Brennan!

Grimm scoopage, please! — Breanna
A “level 10 Wesen,” as David Giuntoli calls it, is coming to Portland! “He has an army of people under his control that wreak havoc, and this is a longer story arc,” he told reporters this week. Meanwhile, of Nick and Juliette’s future, he says they will soon start patching things up, and “it’s looking very hopeful for us come the end of the season.”

Any big Lanie, Ryan or Esposito stuff going down in the Castle finale? — Leslie
Not particularly, according to executive producer Andrew Marlowe. While all the supporting players have had some time to shine this season (three cheers for “The Wild Rover”) the boss man says the last few episodes will set us up for the Caskett-heavy finale. “My intent was for the last couple of episodes to turn the focus back to the Castle-Beckett relationship because that’s really what we’re exploring as we go out of the season,” he says. “And there’s certainly more storytelling to come with our secondary characters and stuff that we’re looking at in terms of positioning us next season. [There’s] some really fun and exciting stuff that we have planned.”

What a great finale for Americans! Is Paige going to figure things out next season? — Ali
As you saw in the finale, suspicions are certainly percolating in young Paige’s mind, and season 2 will explore that more, according to executive producers Joe Weisberg, who dished at a screening of the finale. “We’ve been thinking all along about the kids and what their lives are like and what kind of things, through their whole childhood, have been going on,” he said. “For everyone, at some point in adolescence, you start to suspect that your parents aren’t exactly who you thought they were. Of course in Paige and Henry’s case, there’s something to it.”

TVD! TVD! — Laura
Ok! Ok! Candice Accola stopped by EW NYC and told me this juicy intel about episode 22, “The Walking Dead,” airing May 9. “Everyone will have ghosts from their pasts come back,” she teases. “We’re going to see  lot of characters return. It won’t be all of them and each one is going to have a reason for being in Mystic Falls and that’s what you’re going to learn a little bit more about.” The result, she adds, is “a huge mythology lesson.”

Sandra, I loved last week’s Jim and Pam moment as much as you did. Is it safe to say their troubles are over? — Cori
Um, it’s not safe. While the moment was very much a sign to the audience that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, John Krasinski told reporters yesterday that there are still some major issues to tackle and talk over. “I don’t think it’s necessarily answers all the questions about how they’ll solve it,” he said. “I think there’s a romantic — as always with Jim and Pam — hope that everything will be OK at the end of that episode. And now there’s going to be a little bit more brass tacks, if you will, as far as getting to understand how this will work.” Specifically, he said, Jim needs to figure out how he’s going to deal with his job in Philly and Pam has emotional questions to tackle. He credited executive producer Greg Daniels for giving fans a small release of tension in the last episode. “It was an interesting thing for Greg to say we can’t just hold this out until the last episode and have people almost getting terrified to the point where they wouldn’t enjoy the finale,” he said.

Is it April who’s going to be pregnant on Parks and Rec? I LOVE her and Andy but not sure I’m ready for any of the major cast to have babies. I’m hoping it’s Mona Lisa! — Karen
It may not be what you think, Karen. In fact, I’m pretty sure you — and everyone else — is in for a big surprise. Meanwhile, I can tell you that someone’s days in Pawnee are numbered. No! They’re not joining L’il Sebastian, but there will be someone considering a moving out of Pawnee! Read more teases here.


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